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Welcome to the brave new world of Barack Obama!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

You voted for him. Now you can see what you are getting, and it isn't pretty.

Possession of marijuana is a federal crime. It's a felony actually. Yet the Obama justice department has announced that they are no longer going to enforce the marijuana laws. So in places like California you will be able to go to one of those so-called medicinal marijuana dispensaries and get your marijuana fix without worrying about being prosecuted for violating federal drug laws. And of course every pot head in the whole state is suddenly going to have a medical problem that requires copious amounts of marijuana. What a sham that is. And where is respect for the rule of law now? Well, I guess it's gone out the window since Mr. Obama took over.

And that's not all that is fishy with all things Obama. He has refused to send troops to our border with Mexico to try to combat the wave of drug related violence that is washing over our border. Before we know it, the Mexican drug lords will have pulled this country down to the status of a third world country, but apparently Mr. Obama doesn't care. Oh my, let's not offend the Mexicans by sending down troops to protect out families. Give me a break.

Then we have the lie that they are telling that they did not know about the huge bonuses being given out to AIG executives until last week. I think we need a new truth in lending law to account for the weasels in the Obama treasury department. Oh and by the way, Geitner is the same one who evaded thousands of dollars in income taxes, something that would have got you or I thrown in jail, but they barely gave him a slap on the wrist for it. You see, the laws that apply to you and to me apparently do not apply to team Obama.

Then we have Obama's genus move to try to make nice with the tyrants who run Iran. You know, the ones who deny the Holocaust and pledge to utterly destroy Israel. Did Obama just arrive on a rocket from Mars, or what? There is no negotiating with the Islamic extremists who run Iran. But I guess we will have to learn that sad lesson the hard way.

And the list goes on and on. They will also start to slaughter viable human embryos that have the full potential to grow into a human being. When Obama was just an embryo they did not slaughter him, but I guess that all bets are off now.

And meanwhile, with the myriad of problems facing this country right now, what is Obama doing? He's filling out his NCAA tournament bracket and appearing on the Jay Leno Show. Who cares about the economy, right?

You see people, you voted this guy in and now there is nothing we can do about it until the next election in 2012. Let's hope that we even have a country left by then.
posted by John, 11:00 AM


Obama move to do the J leno show was brilliant. This way he could reach the many who do not watch, read or listen to the News. He is the best we could get at such a time. Your blog is very interesting. Keep it up

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