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Liberian President Sirleaf seems to be a very greedy person

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Her sons, her sister, brother in law and cousins all have  important positions in Liberia. She even got one of the lowest scam artists Adaide Derell Garderner as her spy in the community who reports lies to her about honest hard working citizens. They all need to be investigated.

Her son  Fumba Sirleaf is well known to be smuggling illegal drugs into the country. The president refused to allow Minister Tah to investigate her son. Adaline Derell Gardner is Johnson's best friend and she has conspired with the president to smuggle money out of the country to put in the president's personal overseas bank account. That money belongs to the Liberian people.
Liberia Justice Minister C. Tah quits, says president blocked investigation.
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Be afraid

Friday, October 3, 2014

Be afraid. Be very afraid. The CDC is lying. Ebola is already out of control and it will be heading your way soon. The Bible speaks of plagues happening during the last days. We are there now.
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