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Taliban recruits teenage suicide bombers for revenge attacks

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things just seem to be going from bad to worse in Pakistan.
Video films made by the Taliban in Pakistan's troubled Swat valley show teenage boys being groomed as suicide bombers for revenge attacks against local security forces.

After the army began an operation to clear Taliban from the valley in May, fighters went from house to house demanding a boy or young man from each family, with recruits encouraged to volunteer for martyrdom missions.

Last week 24 people died and more than 300 were wounded when a suicide car bomb exploded outside a secret police headquarters in Lahore, and six policemen were killed when an attacker detonated explosives at a checkpoint in Peshawar.

Propaganda films obtained by The Sunday Telegraph in Peshawar, the capital of North West Frontier Province, show boys of 14 or 15 recording farewell messages before climbing into vehicles filled with explosives.
Remember the Taliban? They are the ones that the far left doesn't want NATO forces to fight in Afghanistan. And now they are on the march in nuclear armed Pakistan. And what is the left's answer to what to do with these serial committers of atrocities? Well, it turns out that they don't want to do anything. These are the same people who are so quick to attack Israel for trying to defend herself against an entity in Hamas that wants to destroy her.

Yet any tactics employed by the IDF pale in comparison to the Taliban. But the left doesn't care about all that. They are too busy bashing our one democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel.

It was recently shown in Sri Lanka that a determined effort can can defeat a terroristic antagonist. The Tamil Tigers are no more and their charismatic leader is pushing up daisies. And thank God for that.

Now the international community has got to apply the same ruthlessness that the Sri Lankan army employed against the Tigers in order to destroy the Taliban.

There is no negotiating with the Taliban. In their twisted minds they are on a mission from God to take Pakistan and Afghanistan back to the Middle Ages, and there is no compromising with them. There is only one solution. Eliminate every one of those fanatical bastards. And yes, innocent civilians will get caught in the crossfire. That will be regrettable, but mark my words, those civilian casualties will be nothing compared to the bloodbath that will ensue if the Taliban takes over Pakistan, and that is a very real possibility. And then we are looking at the legitimate prospect of nuclear war. I know it's unthinkable, but in this case the unthinkable might really happen if we don't do something now.

It's that important. I call upon President Obama and other leaders of the free world to take definitive action against the Taliban before it's too late. Time is running out.

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Stop Obama's $1,500 per family energy tax increase

Friday, May 29, 2009


Another big tax on American families is just what we don't need right now in the midst of this deep recession. It's bad enough as it is but now Obama wants to take $1,500 out of the pockets of American families yearly. It's called "cap and trade." This video is very telling.

Of course the Democrats and Obama who are pushing this cap and trade proposal don't call it a "tax," but for all intents and purposes it is.
You might recall the words of Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), the former head of the Energy & Commerce committee, who said in April: "Nobody in this country realizes that cap and trade is a tax, and it's a great big one."

Well Mr. Dingell, it seems people are taking note. Last Thursday, Rep. Rangel made the following admission regarding the Waxman-Markey energy tax:
"Whether you call it a tax, everyone agrees that it's going to increase the cost to the consumer. At the end of the day ... if there's nothing there to repay [consumers] for their financial expenditures, it might be difficult to fight Republicans who call this a tax." (emphasis added)
Indeed, everyone agrees that this bill will increase costs. Everyone, that is, except for a small group of elites who absolutely trust the government to take away our money and redistribute it equitably (and presumably better than if Americans just kept their hard-earned dollars).

They are denying that an upfront cost, even if offset later, is still an upfront cost.
It's a tried and true game. Sneak tax increases by the American people by calling it something else. But don't be fooled this time. Please go to the website and sign the petition. Just say "no" to this new tax.
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Latina woman racist should withdraw

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thank you Newt Gingrich for telling it like it is.

White man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. Latina woman racist should also withdraw.

This is what Newt is talking about.
...wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences,” including appreciation for Latin-American cuisine, “would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

If that's not a racist comment I don't know what is. So according to Obama's nominee Sotomayor, Latina women as a class of people can "reach better conclusions" than white males can. Can you imagine the outcry if a white man said that he can reach conclusions better than Latina women? Or as Newt said in another of his tweets, "Imagine a judicial nominee said "my experience as a white man makes me better than a Latina woman." New racism is no better than old racism."

We are back to the same old double standard that the left is good at. To them, what's good for the goose is not good for the gander.

So we have Obama nominating a woman who practices reverse racism to the highest court in the land. Tell me what I shouldn't be surprised. LOL.

I just hope that the Republicans in the Senate will have the balls to stand up to this woman who was nominated for one reason and one reason only. She is an Hispanic woman.

But you know what. Obama messed up. He was supposed to nominate a lesbian Hispanic woman. Wow, he had a lot of nerve not to nominate a lesbian. Lesbians of this world, you need to rise up in outrage at this slight.

The bottom line is that Sonia Sotomayor is in no way qualified to serve on our highest court, and furthermore she doesn't have the right temperament to do so. I call upon the Senate to reject her.
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Ice Road Truckers season 3

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I don't watch much television but I have to make an exception when it comes to "Ice Road Truckers," which starts it's third season on the History Channel this coming Sunday at 9 PM EDT. I got hooked on the show during it's first season when I had to kill some time in Salt Lake City while undergoing medical treatment, and I've been a big fan ever since. Unlike it's first two seasons set in Canada, this year it is set in Alaska and for the first time they will have a female driver. My two favorite drivers from past seasons, Hugh and Alex, are back. I'm hoping for a great season.
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Nancy Pelosi as Pussy Galore

Monday, May 25, 2009

This video is hilarious, and it's to the point. Nancy Pelosi actually is much worse than the Ian Fleming's Pussy Galore. At least Pussy Galore was beautiful, whereas Pelosi is a dried up lying old hag.

Even fellow Democrat Leon Panetta is calling Pelosi a liar. It's pretty pathetic when a high profile official of the Obama Administration isn't buying into Pelosi's explanation. And what is her latest pronouncement on this issue? Well, now she says she will have no more to say about it. Cat got your tongue Nancy? Shame on you. By the way, when are you going to resign as Speaker? It should be the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned.
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Carl Rove: We carefully protected America while upholding the Constitution

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Carl Rove pointed out in this video the main fact that many Democrats don't want to acknowledge even though it's true. The Bush Administration protected America. Most people thought right after 9/11 that more attacks would be forthcoming, but thanks to aggressive policies by the Bush Administration, that did not happen.

Will we be as fortunate during the next four years? I have no doubt that President Obama has good intentions and that he wishes to keep us safe. But good intentions are not enough. Dick Cheney is right. Obama's policies, whether well intentioned or not, have made America less safe. The left wing of the Democratic Party has pushed Obama in the wrong direction. The "America can do no right" crowd is in the driver's seat now, and I'm afraid that they might be driving us right off a cliff if they continue to get their way.

I didn't use to think that the USA was a banana republic, but now I'm not so sure. You know, whoever takes power in a banana republic puts officials from the previous government on trial and those officials often get thrown in jail or worse for merely having followed a different political philosophy from the popular politics of the moment.

And that seems to be what some on the far left want to do with Bush Administration officials. Obviously to them, the likes of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfled must be criminals because they didn't follow the far left's ideas about what is politically correct as the left sees it. To his credit, Obama doesn't seem to want to go that far, but can he continue to resist the intense pressure put on by the Moveon.org crowd and others to turn this country into something that it has never been before and never should be, a place where after an election the winners throw the losers in jail? If we ever get to that point which the far left is seeking, God help us. We will have lost our country.

I have no doubt that history will judge the anti terrorism policies of the Bush Administration kindly. I'm not quite so sure however about the policies put into place by the current administration. And worst of all, the far left if it gets it's way will push the new administration to even more folly.
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I am pleased with the American idol outcome

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The clean cut "guy next door" won out over the guy with the eye shadow and painted fingernails. And I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

First of all, let me get one thing straight. This isn't about the sexual orientation of either contestant. After all, plenty of straight glam rockers have been even more outlandish than Adam Lambert ever was or probably ever will be. And I'm sure that there are plenty of gay guys who are just a clean cut as Kris Allen is. It just so happens that guys with painted fingernails and eye shadow are a turn off to me regardless of what their sexual orientation is. That's just the way it is and I make no apologies for having that attitude. I felt that way long before Lambert ever came upon the scene.

Look, I wish Adam Lambert absolutely no ill will, but it came down to him or Kris Allen and I had to vote for someone, and Allen was my choice. And as it turns out he was the choice of millions of other Americans and he won.

Now you might say that Lambert has more talent. Of course that is a subjective judgment, but be that as it may, American Idol voters are allowed to use whatever criteria they choose when casting their votes. As far as I'm concerned, judging contestants based upon their persona is just as legitimate as anything else. And let's face it, I do not presume to be a music critic, but in my opinion they are both very talented singers.

My personal music preference happens to be the type of soft ballads at which Kris excels. I am not too fond of the type of rock music that Adam is good at. So given that fact, whom do you think I should have voted for? It's a cut and dried case to me.

Most of the critics I have read are saying that Adam Lambert is going to have a great career. I hope they're right, and if that happens I say "more power to him." Of course I also wish the best for Kris.

But to call Kris Allen supporters "haters" just because they voted for him and not for Adam as I have seen on some blogs and Internet postings is just wrong. And it's divisive and uncalled for. Like Adam Lambert, Kris Allen worked very hard for this and put his heart and soul into it. I seriously doubt if he would have made it to the finals if he had not. I'm glad I supported him and I'm glad he won. Good luck to both of you, Kris and Adam.
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And this is from a liberal

Monday, May 18, 2009

Folks, the natives are restless. It seems that the many from the far left aren't satisfied with Obama's record so far. Check out what one self described "progressive" has written about Obama's record in office so far. It's hilarious.
I'm a progressive Dem, always have been. Voting since Clinton's first term. Always voted dem. But I've always kind of known that "politics is about voting for the lesser of two evils". Hoping for the best, voted for Obama, celebrated when he won. But it's quickly becoming apparent, that we have been deceived on many fronts.

The record so far, the promises and the reality.

"I will begin to remove our troops from Iraq immediately."

That went from 6 months, to 16 months, to 23 months, and if you read the fine print it says "we will look at getting the troops out of Iraq" Meanwhile 30,000 more troops are going to Afghanistan.

Leaving Bush appointee Robert Gates as Sect of Defense, you have to ask how is Obama's defense policy going to be different from Bush's?

"Allow five days of public comment before signing bills." Obama promoted and voted for the $700 BIL bank bailout bill which was shown to the full congress minutes before the final vote.

Obama warned everyone that the stimulus package bill was an emergency situation and needed to be approved immediately or there would be economic catastrophe. The 1000 page bill was shown to congress less than 1 hour before the vote. Obama then went on a 4 day vacation before signing it.

Democracy is a sham if the separation of powers are ignored when the legislative passes a bill supported by the executive without even reading it.

"Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials." "No political appointees in an Obama-Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years."

Tim Geitner, president of the NY Fed (the nations largest private bank,) appointed Secretary of Treasury.

Mark Patterson, top lobbyist at Goldman Sachs, Chief of Staff to Geitner.

Tom Daschel, received $1,000's from health care firms, withdrawn nominee as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

William Lynn, top lobbyist for Raytheon, appointed Deputy Sect of Defense.

Ignacia S. Moreno, corporate lawyer for GE the top superfund polluter, nominated for Assistant Attorney General for the Environment.

"Signed an executive order said to close Gitmo." The fine print says, we will look at closing Gitmo in one year.

Indefinite detentions without trial continue, renditions are continuing,military tribunals will continue, which means no basic rights like habeas corpus.

"Swore he was against the Patriot Act." Voted to re-instate the Patriot Act.

"Swore he was against the FISA wiretaps." Voted to legalize the FISA wiretaps.

"Swore he was against the retroactive telecom immunity. Said he would filibuster against it if necessary." Voted for retroactive telecom immunity.

"Swore to Unions he was against NAFTA, GATT." Got caught sending memo's to corporate leaders, don't worry, nothing will change.

Henry Kissenger, mass murderer, deposer of democracies in developing nations, has a position as an informal advisor. He is now on the record saying "His (Obama's) task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world order can be created. It's a great opportunity, it isn't just a crisis." Kissinger also gave Obama his first job right out of college.

The central banks and Wall Street have taken over Washington in broad daylight.

Just like the '29 crash this collapse is intentional, then they ram through a taxpayer funded bailout for their crimes, then they loan the bailout money back to the government as a stimulus package.

Greenspan is on record on the McNeil Lehrer News Hour. Lehrer, "what is the proper relationship between the FED and the president of the US?" Greenspan, "the FED is an independent agency...there is no other agency that can overrule actions that we take...so long as that is in place...what the relationships are don't frankly matter."
This has me apoplectic with laughter. You see these sorts of comments all over the left wing blogs. Their dream boy is not turning out as they expected.

Look for the left to implode over this. Obama is not a total lefty lunatic so the left is unhappy. LOL.
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Don Rumsfeld deserves better than this

Sunday, May 17, 2009

This video shows a complete outrage perpetuated by some far left lunatics. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new face of the Democratic Party. These are the people from the Moveon.org crowd and the Codepink crowd who are busy trying to destroy this country and everything it stands for.

To call a great patriot who has honorably served his country for decades a "war criminal" just goes to show once and for all what kinds of people make up the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party. And without these people, Barack Obama probably wouldn't be president today.

Here we have a man in Mr. Rumsfeld who has served with dedication and honor in Congress, as a presidential chief of staff, and twice as Secretary of Defense. And what thanks does he get for his service? He gets branded a war criminal for trying to keep this country safe after 9/11.

Reasonable people can disagree over our deployment to Iraq and other policies implemented after 9/11. But reasonable people don't go around throwing around the war criminal tag indiscriminately.

Those screaming witches in the video should have been thrown in jail for disturbing the peace. And at the very least someone should have stuck a sock up their mouth.
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Spoiled and lazy California state workers don't like layoffs

Friday, May 15, 2009

California state workers outraged at possible layoffs

Poor babies.
State workers were outraged and anxious on Tuesday after learning that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to lay off 5,000 of them in the coming weeks.
Lately there have been a lot of layoffs in the private sector in California because of the recession, so why should it be any different for state workers? Why should they be considered some sort of privileged class that is not subject to the vagaries of the job market just like everyone else is? After all, state workers are no better than anyone else, although I think that a lot of them believe that they are.

Of course their salaries are being picked up by taxpayers. So therefore state workers work for you and me. We are their bosses. So why should they have it better than we do? It should be the other way around. They should be the first to be laid off, not the last. This is especially true since the average state worker is a lazy piece of shit that sits around in his or her office doing hardly a damn thing and that is when they even show up for work at all. I used to have a neighbor who worked for the state and it seems like every time I turned around she was off work for some reason. And why should they get more paid holidays than other workers get? It's ridiculous and it's got to change.

So I repeat, lay more of them off. Then make the ones who are left put in a decent day's work for their pay and then we wouldn't need as many of them in the first place.

It seems that they are almost always building another big state office building in downtown Sacramento. What do they need all of those buildings for? What do all of those people in those offices do besides sit around? If they want to cut the state's budget to save money, they should sell of some of those buildings. We don't need all of those.

And then when you do need to use a state service such as going to the DMV to renew your driver's license you have to stand in a long line forever because they have only one or two windows open, yet you can see a whole bunch of other workers sitting at desks behind the counter who aren't doing a thing. Why can't some of them get off their lazy asses and open another window to speed along the line? Well, the answer is that those lazy SOB's don't care about anything else but themselves. If it were up to me I'd fire the whole lot of them.

I remember one time I had been in line for a very long time at the DMV, and then when I finally got to the head of the line I had to wait even longer while the woman at the window got out a mirror and combed her hair. What in the hell is going on here anyway? If these people had been working in the private sector they would have been fired a long time ago.

Yet they are mad because a few of them might be laid off. Go figure.
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Wanda Sykes - First Class Bitch

Monday, May 11, 2009

Who in the hell does this lesbian bitch think she is? She hopes that Rush Limbaugh's kidneys fail? Is this the type of compassion that we can expect from wacko liberals like this woman? And of course, our great leader Obama thought laughed when she said it. This is an absolute outrage.

Edit - here is something else. She made fun of the fact that Rush had been addicted to pain killers. I thought that liberals were supposed to empathize with unfortunate people who have medical problems, but I guess not. Yes, Rush, like millions of others, found himself addicted to prescription pain killers which were initially legally prescribed to him by a medical doctor. Rush suffered from chronic severe back pain, thus he needed the medicine. And as often happens, he eventually got hooked on the pills. That can happen to anyone, and when it happens it's a medical problem which requires treatment. But it certainly isn't something to be made fun of.

I wonder what skeletons that Wanda Sykes has in her closet that we could laugh about. I wonder if she ever used illegal drugs. Remember that the drugs that Rush took at the direction of his physician were legal.
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Music from the Blue Light

Friday, May 8, 2009

For those who might have additional interest in Music from the Blue Light, here is an excerpt taken from the station's website from a few years back which describes the station.
This is an internet radio station that features all of your favorite original hits from the 40's 50's and 60's.

Those were the days of the crooners, of the divas, of the big bands and orchestras. From Sinatra to Doris Day, from Johnny Mathis to the McGuire Sisters, from Bing Crosby to Gordon Jenkins, they're all here as a part of the internet's largest and most varied playlist of this genre. Additional selections are added frequently.

Those were the days when lyrics really meant something, and when if a new composition were really top notch, it might appear simultaneously on the charts by three or four artists at the same time. If you are old enough to remember, or if like me, you discovered with great wonder the allure and timelessness of these great melodies many years later, then this is the internet radio station for you.

The name "Music from the Blue Light" was taken from the classic KGO radio program of the same name from the early 60's from San Francisco which celebrated what I have come to believe is the greatest music of all time

So sit back and relax and travel back to a more innocent time of bobby socks, 78 RPM records, and maybe even that first kiss.
Tune in from this blog's sidebar.
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Sarah Palin - biker babe

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wouldn't you just love to go biking with Governor Sarah Palin? Now she is the real deal, as opposed to a phony wuss like Barack H. Obama.


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Heading toward a dictatorship

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Newt Gingrich is right. Obama and his cronies are heading this country toward a dictatorship. With the ultra left wing Democrats holding almost unfettered power in Washington, there is really very little which can stop them from moving this country in the dark direction of oppression. Yes, we still have the Supreme Court, but it remains to be seen if the Republican appointees on the court will have the stomach to stand up to Obama. And if they don't this country is in for a big hurt.

With calls to reinstate the so-called fairness doctrine, it may well be that soon, conservative voices on talk radio will be silenced. And then what will we have left to protect us against the excesses of the ideologues in the Democratic Party? Well, the GOP still holds a few state state governorships, and we have Fox News and a handful of conservative leaning newspapers and journals, but that's about it.

Don't expect the mainstream media to stand up to Saint Obama. He has most of them in a total state of rapture. And with little access to the truth about what is really going on, the American people might not wake up to what is happening until it's too late.

The Democrats are preparing to gerrymander congressional districts so that they will have a virtually permanent majority in the House, and the makeup of the Senate changes too slowly due to the fact that only one third of the membership is elected every two years. So we won't be able to look for Congress to provide an effective check on the excesses of Obama and his potential successors for a very long time.

Sadly, I fear that we will not see a repeat of the Gingrich revolution of 1994 when we get to midterm elections in 2010. It's a different situation and such a sea change is not in the cards.

The best that we can hope for is that we might be able to somehow get through to the American people what is really going on in Washington. With Congress probably out of reach for the near future, the only chance that the GOP might have is to try to somehow win back the presidency in 2012.

I am still convinced that this is a center right country. Recent polls have shown that Obama is personally popular with the voters, but his policies are less popular. That gives us hope.

But the GOP has got to get working on 2012 right away. It is going to be a steep hill to climb since the GOP holds no power in Washington. They have got to go directly to the people in an effort to explain what damage Obama is doing. 2012 might be our one and only chance for the next few decades. If we allow Obama to serve two terms, I fear that the Democrats will have had so much time to stack the deck against the GOP that it will be relegated to minority status for the foreseeable future. God help us if that happens.
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Good riddance to David Souter

Friday, May 1, 2009

Supreme Court Justice Souter was a big disappointment to conservatives. I don't know why George H. W. Bush thought that Souter would be good candidate for the court when Bush nominated him in 1990. Souter has proved to be a reliable liberal vote on the court. So whomever Obama nominates to replace Souter will not have a chance to change the direction of the court, at least for the time being. However, if he chooses a younger candidate, he might be picking someone who will be a member of a liberal majority at the Supreme Court sometime in the future.

It will be incumbent upon the Republicans on the Judiciary Committee to ask whomever Obama nominates some very tough questions. The Republicans probably lack the votes to stop an Obama nominee no matter who it is, but they do have the power to insist on a thorough examination of the person who will probably be our next justice.

The American people have a right to know who our next Supreme Court justice is, for better or for worse.
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Do you feel safer?

Thank you to John Boehner for posting this web ad. Everyone should watch it, and then ask themselves the question, "Do I feel safer with Obama in office?"
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