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Carl Rove: We carefully protected America while upholding the Constitution

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Carl Rove pointed out in this video the main fact that many Democrats don't want to acknowledge even though it's true. The Bush Administration protected America. Most people thought right after 9/11 that more attacks would be forthcoming, but thanks to aggressive policies by the Bush Administration, that did not happen.

Will we be as fortunate during the next four years? I have no doubt that President Obama has good intentions and that he wishes to keep us safe. But good intentions are not enough. Dick Cheney is right. Obama's policies, whether well intentioned or not, have made America less safe. The left wing of the Democratic Party has pushed Obama in the wrong direction. The "America can do no right" crowd is in the driver's seat now, and I'm afraid that they might be driving us right off a cliff if they continue to get their way.

I didn't use to think that the USA was a banana republic, but now I'm not so sure. You know, whoever takes power in a banana republic puts officials from the previous government on trial and those officials often get thrown in jail or worse for merely having followed a different political philosophy from the popular politics of the moment.

And that seems to be what some on the far left want to do with Bush Administration officials. Obviously to them, the likes of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfled must be criminals because they didn't follow the far left's ideas about what is politically correct as the left sees it. To his credit, Obama doesn't seem to want to go that far, but can he continue to resist the intense pressure put on by the Moveon.org crowd and others to turn this country into something that it has never been before and never should be, a place where after an election the winners throw the losers in jail? If we ever get to that point which the far left is seeking, God help us. We will have lost our country.

I have no doubt that history will judge the anti terrorism policies of the Bush Administration kindly. I'm not quite so sure however about the policies put into place by the current administration. And worst of all, the far left if it gets it's way will push the new administration to even more folly.
posted by John, 6:30 PM


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