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Close the border with Mexico now!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

It is probably too late to stop a world wide influenza pandemic, but the Obama Administration sure isn't helping matters any. For our own protection, we need to close the Mexican border now. Even if such a tactic saves just one life, it will be well worth it.

So why won't they close the border? The answer is obvious. It would not be the politically correct thing to do. And Obama doesn't want to do anything to offend Mexicans since he is counting on the votes of those who can legally (or illegally for that matter, lol) vote in the upcoming elections. But by having that attitude he is risking American lives. And that is unconscionable. Close the border now, and if some people don't like it that's just too bad. American lives are more important than either hurt feelings or Obama's political agenda.

Every hour, we get more grim news about this potential pandemic. The amount of confirmed cases world wide continues to escalate. More confirmed cases are being reported from almost every continent. And the scary part is that this virus is acting a lot like the virus that caused the last great pandemic in 1916. Most deaths in Mexico have been from otherwise healthy people in the prime of life. And that's the way it was in 1916 as well.

This adds all the more urgency to the present situation. Most other nations are taking this seriously. But here in the USA we are taking a very low key approach, and that is a big mistake. If this blows up in Obama's face, people will no longer remember how Bush botched the Hurricane Katrina disaster. Instead, people will remember how Obama through his failure to act decisively allowed this epidemic to spiral out of control. If and when that happens, Obama will instantly become political dead meat.

As a partisan I might think that such a scenario would be a good thing since I oppose almost everything that Obama is trying to do. But we just have too many problems such as terrorism right now that need urgent attention. And for the important issues to be addressed we need an effective government. So I am going to bite my tongue and continue to hope that Obama finally realizes the urgency of this situation and throws political correctness out the window so that he can do what needs to be done. But don't hold your breath on that one. :-)

Folks, things are getting bad much more quickly than I had thought they would. I thought that it would at least take Obama a year or two to really mess things up, but it seems to be happening right now. We are in a real pickle and Obama is just making it worse day by day.
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Will there be a global swine flu pandemic?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nobody knows the answer to that question yet, but there certainly is reason for concern. All of the necessary ingredients are there. First of all, this is a never seen before strain that is a combination of materials from bird flu, swine flu, and human flu strains. That is just the sort of thing which is most worrisome because the human population has not had a chance to build up natural immunity to it. It might be that older people, say those over 45, might have at least partial immunity due to having been exposed to a similar though not identical strain in the past. But younger people probably have no natural immunity at all and therefore they might be at the most risk.

And sure enough, almost all deaths from this outbreak in Mexico so far have come from the 25 to 45 age group. Scary, isn't it?

Plus we have heard that the outbreak is already too widespread to be contained, so it will have to run it's course. So we are left with taking the usual precautions such as washing our hands and avoiding physical contact with others. In Mexico, at the epicenter of the outbreak, a lot of people have taken to wearing surgical masks in hopes of keeping the virus at bay.

So far, cases reported in the USA have been rather mild. However, this is the early stage of this potential influenza pandemic. During the pandemic of 1916, the virus first appeared in the spring but it didn't really take off until the next winter. Could this case be similar? Will the worst of it come next winter? Only time will tell.

This reminds me of a program I saw recently on the History Channel which discussed possible future mega disasters that might befall mankind. And sure enough, the possible scenario that we are talking about here was high up on the list. The experts interviewed in the program said that it's not a matter of "if," but "when" will the world experience a horrific pandemic that might kill millions.

We could very well under such a scenario see a total breakdown of health care services world wide. There simply would not be enough hospital space or doctors to get the job done if a significant portion of the population became seriously ill all at the same time. It might very well be left up to millions to fend for themselves. It's really a nightmare scenario which we all hope and pray does not happen.

Could the time for such a disaster be now? Personally, I don't think that this will turn out to be the "big one," even though it will be serious enough. It might rather serve as a wake up call to mankind that our position of earth is tenuous at best, and there are many potential disasters out there just waiting to happen.

WHO warns of possible pandemic as Mexico seeks to contain swine flu
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Dick Cheney is a national treasure

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cheney Slams Obama Again, Calls Overseas Trips "Disturbing"

Everyone should see this video. It's too bad that due to health reasons Dick Cheney could not run for president himself. But that isn't going to stop him from speaking out. And that's a good thing because we need a voice of reason in these troubling times.
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The Carrie Prejean Miss California USA controversy


Carrie Prejean made a big mistake. She exercised her free speech rights when asked her opinion about gay marriage. She said that she believes that "marriage should be between a man and a woman" and all hell broke loose. The pro gay marriage crowd is in an uproar.

Whatever happened to "you are entitled to your opinion?" Carrie is not trying to impose her views on anyone else. But she was asked and she candidly gave her opinion. But I guess you can't do that any more. If you don't toe the line and give the politically correct opinion of the day, then you are in hot water.

It's really too bad. This used to be a country that valued free speech. And after all, opposition to gay marriage is a mainstream position among the American people. Never once has gay marriage ever been sanctioned by a vote of the people. It has gone down to defeat in every state where it has been tried, including liberal California.

But that's not good enough for the gay marriage crowd. You either agree with them or else. And if you don't agree with them you had better not try to win the Miss USA competition. Political correctness is apparently more important than looks or talent. The fix is in and the left would say that we had better get used to it, like it or not.

Yesterday I wrote about the totalitarian tendencies that the left exhibits when it gains political poser. Well, here we have another example of that. Folks, we have to agree to disagree sometimes, but the extreme left will have none of it. It's really scary.

I do believe however that Carrie will get the last laugh. She did not win the Miss USA competition, but she has gained much more publicity over this incident than she would have ever got had she won and there has been no controversy. Look for great things from Carrie Prejean. God bless her.
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Cheney calls for release of memos showing results of interrogation efforts

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cheney calls for release of memos

It's good to know that there is at least one person standing up to the left's latest diatribe.
One of the things that I find a little bit disturbing about this recent disclosure is they put out the legal memos, the memos that the CIA got from the Office of Legal Counsel, but they didn't put out the memos that showed the success of the effort," Cheney said.

Cheney said he's asked that the documents be declassified because he has remained silent on the confidential information, but he knows how successful the interrogation process was and wants the rest of the country to understand.
Vice President Cheney has an excellent point. After the attacks on 9/11, the Bush Administration set as it's highest goal the prevention of any additional terrorist attacks on American soil. And to prevent any such attacks, intelligence was of the utmost importance. It was necessary to glean from Al Qaeda operatives in American custody important information about imminent attacks so that such attacks could be thwarted. And guess what. There were no more attacks.

You have to remember that Al Qaeda operatives are mindless zombies who have become so steeped in their doctrine of hate that only under extraordinary means could they be forced to give up valuable intelligence. So in light of that, to protect American lives, enhanced interrogation techniques were developed. And those techniques were vetted by top lawyers to make sure that the rule of law was followed.

Obviously, the administration's tactics worked and potentially thousands of American lives were saved. But the Obama people only wish to concentrate on the interrogation techniques that were used without mentioning why those techniques were necessary while ignoring the successful outcome of the techniques. That is Mr. Cheney's point, and it's a good one.

But of course that is not good enough for the left. Now that they are in power, the left is showing it's true colors. We are beginning to see a power grab by the totalitarian left that will soon leave America with no liberties. This always happens when the left takes absolute power. They start to throw those who disagree with them in jail. Hence, we have a call from loony bin left wing Democrats to throw former Bush Administration officials in jail. And before you know it they will be trying to throw you and me in jail as well. Stalin's gulags will be on the way back if the left gets it's way.

Just like when that liberal hero FDR threw patriotic Japanese Americans in concentration camps, we are in danger of entering another repressive era of left wing abuses. You can just feel it in the air. The left senses it's opening and it will be moving forward with it's draconian plans if the American people do not rise up in anger and put a stop to it.

It is an affront to fair play and decency to call fine patriotic Americans who served the public good in the Bush Administration "criminals." We are entering a dark period in American history. They are coming for Bush Administration officials now. Next, if we don't watch it, they will be coming for you and me too if we dare to disagree with their far left agenda. We are in scary times.
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It's becoming more obvious everyday that the American people made a traghic mistake last November

Saturday, April 18, 2009

So we saw pictures of Obama shaking the hand of leftist dictator Hugo Chavez, and it is enough to make you throw up. And then we have news that he is cozying up to the Communist dictator in Havana. But worst of all he allowed secret CIA memos to be released which will compromise our national security. And that's not just me saying that. Our most recent CIA director, Michael Hayden, has said as much.

Former CIA director decries memo release

Just because Obama and his partisan Justice Department wants to do everything they can to embarrass the Bush Administration, the CIA will be hamstrung. After this, morale at that agency cannot be any lower, and Obama hack Leon Panetta won't be able to do anything about it. Perhaps if Obama had tapped a qualified person to head the CIA it would be different, but Panetta lacks the gravitas to get it done. So in the mean time our national security will be at risk.

Vice President Cheney is right. Obama is playing around with our national security for political reasons. Obama has got to placate the radical left wing of the Democratic Party, and those loonies on the left want blood. Nothing short of throwing our intelligence officials in jail will satisfy the left. Obama has not gone quite that far yet, but look for him to eventually cave in to his party's lunatic fringe and start a witch hunt. Folks, you heard it here first. It will happen.

There are powerful forces in the Democratic Party that want revenge for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. They wanted to impeach Bush, but Nancy Pelosi wisely didn't have the stomach for that, but now the left sees an opening. Look for their false outrage over the so-called torture scandal to reach a high crescendo soon. Then watch it because all bets will be off.

So now it's time for patriotic Americans to stand and fight. We have got to oppose Obama and his henchmen with every legal tool at our disposal. We have got to start organizing for the 2010 and 2012 elections right away. We need another Gingrich revolution in 2010, and by that time it will be so obvious what Obama is trying to do to this great country that I think it will happen. Then it's on to the White House in 2012.

Let's just hope that we still have a country by then. I'm sure that the leaders of Al-Queda are just licking their chops right now. With a neutered CIA and with Obama spending his time cozying up to his new Latin American dictator friends, there is an opening as wide as a barn door and you had better believe that the terrorists will do everything they can to take advantage of it.

And once they succeed in taking our guns away, then we the American people won't even have the wherewithal to defend ourselves. It's coming folks. You had better be ready for it. We are facing some very dark times for at least the next three and one-half years.
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Today is tea party day

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anti-tax protesters turn out for dreaded April 15

Today is the big day.
Protesters began gathering at state Capitols and in neighborhoods and town squares across the country Wednesday to kick off a series of tax-day protests designed to echo the rebellion of the Boston Tea Party. Demonstrators said they're steamed about government spending since President Barack Obama took office.
Patriotic protesters nationwide are gathering to let Barack H. Obama know that we are smarter than he thinks. We are not buying the lie that you have cut taxes. Yes, you have allowed us to get $10 or $15 dollars more in our paychecks, but what you are giving with one hand you are taking away with the other, and then some. It's a time tested liberal trick, but it's not going to work this time.

That so-called stimulus money that Obama is handing out to the states has so many strings attached that in the long run it will actually be costing the states money and it will not really benefit them. It will only benefit the tax and spend liberals in Washington who want to control all of our lives. It will force states to increase taxes just to keep up with the many mandates specified by the bailout bill. It's a fraud, nothing more or less.

But thankfully we have some brave political leaders who are not falling for the sham.

Rick Perry of Texas Asserts 10th Amendment Rights

Governor Perry of Texas has had enough. He isn't going to take the heavy handed tactics of Obama's government anymore. There is a little something called the Tenth Amendment which gives the states the right to run their own affairs. And you know it's funny that a so-called constitutional lawyer like Obama has forgotten that according to our constitution the states are sovereign and any powers not specifically given to the federal government by the constitution are reserved for the states.

Governor Perry wants Texans to govern Texas. What a concept! And it's a concept that Obama had better get a hold of because the people aren't going to take it anymore, illustrated by today's tax day tea party protests.

Just as a lot of we conservatives have suspected, as soon as the liberal Democrats take power in Washington they will start to overplay their hand. Yes, we are in a recession, mostly caused by the Democrats since they took control of Congress in 2006 I might add, but it's not something we can get out of by raising taxes and printing more money, which is Obama's prescription. This strategy is a formula for disaster and will result in no net economic growth and will mean rampant inflation down the road.

Just like what happened when Clinton got in, the Democrats' hold on power won't last long given the present circumstances. Yes, they are riding high in the polls right now, but look for that to turn around when the people begin to see what Obama and company are doing to this country.

Then as usual, it will be left for conservatives to come in and pick up the pieces again. It will be 1994 all over again.
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Afghanistan reverts to the stone age

Sunday, April 12, 2009

After spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan, the law discussed in the above video is what the international community has to show for it. Unless the law is changed, husbands will have a right to rape their wives and there will nothing that the wife can do about it. This is another example of what extreme Islam can do. It embraces an evil doctrine and it certainly is not worth it for the West to spend even one red cent defending such things.

I fully support the fight against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but nevertheless there is something radically wrong with defending a government that supports such a law. We have got to find a way to continue the fight against the terrorists that are based there while at the same making it perfectly clear to the so-called government in Afghanistan that they have got to move on from the stone age.

After all, President Karzai and his crowd wouldn't last very long if the Taliban were to move back into Kabul. They would undoubtedly be strung up by their thumbs on the nearest tree, if not worse. Given that, we should be able to use this prospect to apply leverage against Karzai to either change such a draconian law or face the consequences.

This situation will present a conundrum for the Obama Administration. Obama was just in Turkey saying how much he respects Islam, then he moved on to Saudi Arabia where he found it necessary to bow down to their king. But at the same time Obama has got to keep up the appearance that he supports the rights of women, or else he might lose their votes in the next election.

So what is he to do? Should he insist to President Karzai that the rights of women be respected and risk offending hard line Muslims, or should he patronize the oppressors of women over there and face the consequences of a domestic political backlash? Or will he try to play both sides of the street by waffling on the issue? If I were to guess, I would predict that he will choose the third alternative. But we shall see.
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Catholics should take their guide from Pope Benedict

Friday, April 10, 2009

We have drifted into a desert of godlessness

Truer words have not been spoken.
The new leader of English Catholics yesterday slapped down Tony Blair over his calls for gay rights in the Church.

The Most Reverend Vincent Nichols said Roman Catholic thinking was 'rather different' to the kind promoted by the former Prime Minister.

Archbishop Nichols described Mr Blair - the Church's most prominent convert of recent years - as a fine politician with 'very well-tuned political senses'.

But he dismissed Mr. Blair's grip on spiritual truths, adding: 'I think I will take my guide from Pope Benedict'.
The successor to Saint Peter has been getting a lot of bad press from some media outlets lately, so it's gratifying to see that the Most Reverend Vincent Nichols has taken up the Pope's cause. It seems that prominent politicians, who also happen to be Catholics, have been swerving far from the straight and narrow path lately with their support for abortion rights and gay rights. Witness Tony Blair who is discussed in the above article, and Senator John Kerry as good examples of this. Oh, and add Nancy Pelosi to the list. Kerry and Pelosi have very openly advocated for abortion rights in direct contradiction to the edicts of their church. It seems that liberal politics is more important than church teachings to Kerry and Pelosi.

Of course they have a right to their opinions. But if they want to avoid the appearance of hypocrisy, perhaps they should consider leaving the Catholic Church and joining a more liberal church that is more in tune with their viewpoints on social issues. But don't hold your breath on that one. Kerry and Pelosi want to play both sides of the street if possible, and if they left their church then they might risk losing out with Catholic voters.

It's politics as usual. Where are the politicians who have the temerity to be both a politician and at the same time observe the sacred doctrines of their church? Those types are a rare breed indeed. But hopefully the electorate will catch on to such hypocrisy and do do something about it at the ballot box.
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National Organization for Marriage

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The National Organization for Marriage has just released this ad.

They seek to try to stop the momentum for same sex marriage which has picked up steam with a judicial victory in Iowa and a legislative victory in the People's Republic of Vermont. Gay marriage advocates have been heartened by those two victories which at least partially mitigate the major setback that they received with the passage of Prop 8 in California last November.

If as expected, the California Supreme Court upholds Prop 8, and a decision is expected by June, then the pendulum will have swung back in the other direction again. This is going to be a long hard fight. Efforts are already underway in Iowa to overturn the pro gay marriage court decision there with a constitutional amendment, much as it has been done in California.
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National Tax Day Tea Party

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In case you haven't heard or need a reminder, April 15th, income tax day, will be the day of the Tax Day Tea Party.
The Tax Day Tea Party on April 15 is focused on one theme: Repeal the Pork, Cut Taxes and Spending. There are more than 500 tea parties confirmed for that day, and it is expected that over the next week and a half, the number of tea parties will continue to grow. Crowds of 5,000 to 10,000 are expected in multiple cities, including Atlanta, where Sean Hannity of Fox News will be broadcasting live, Sacramento, where Neal Cavuto will host his show, San Antonio, where Glenn Beck will broadcast, and New York City, where Newt Gingrich will be a featured speaker.
It will be in the best tradition of the Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773, when patriots got together to protest unfair taxation without representation. And again, history is repeating itself. We now have an administration in power that never saw a tax it didn't like. And if you believe the line that they will only be taxing the rich, you have got another think coming. There just isn't enough money from the so-called rich in this country to come close to financing all of the socialistic programs that the Democrats want to enact now that they hold absolute power in Washington. They could tax the rich at 100% and there still wouldn't be enough money coming in to satisfy the liberals, so they have got to go where the money is. And where is the money? It's in your pocket and mine. It's that simple.

But while they intend to steal you and me blind they will be actually giving money back to their constituency, low income people who don't make enough money to qualify to pay taxes. But it's not enough to the liberals that these people have no federal income tax obligations. No, they have to take your hard earned money and redistribute it to the "poor." If that isn't "taxation without representation," then I don't know what is.

On the day of the tea party you can watch it live online here, so be sure to bookmark this page. It should be a great event. If you can, try to attend an event live to give your support. Many of the scions of the conservative movement will be participating. It should be a great day for freedom in America.

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Top Ten Things That You Should Know About Barack H. Obama's US Citizenship

Friday, April 3, 2009

This article is a good read.
He admits he was born to an American mother and a British subject, suggesting dual citizenship at best-1. If he was not born on U.S. soil, and his mother was a minor, she was ineligible to convey US citizenship-2. Under the British Nationality Act of 1948, he was born a British Citizen-3. His paternal grandmother claims to have attended his birth in Kenya-4. Kenya memorializes his place of birth.
Read more at http://defendourfreedoms.org/flysheet.html.
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Barack Obama fails to win Nato troops he wants for Afghanistan


Well, so much for Barack Obama's new approach for Europe. Just as I suspected, it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. The left liked to bash George Bush for his so-called inability to get along with our erstwhile European "allies." But when push came to shove, Barack Obama has done no better and in fact may have accomplished less on his European tour than President Bush was able to accomplish in previous meetings. On the economic front Obama has unable to get a consensus from his European friends over his call for economic stimulus spending in Europe. Instead he had imposed upon him a strict scheme of economic regulations which he has initially opposed.

And now NATO has given a thumbs down to Obama's call for more troops to be sent to Afghanistan. Sounds familiar doesn't it? Isn't that what they criticized George Bush for? They said Bush was practicing a go it alone foreign policy without regard for our allies. But now it looks like Mr. Obama finds himself in the same situation, but don't look for the left wing media to point out this inconvenient fact.

Britain and a couple of others have offered token support, but other than that, as usual, we are on our own. But the thing is, Obama and his allies in the media probably won't be able to hide the facts from the American people for long. Sooner or later it will become painfully obvious that more and more Americans are dying in Afghanistan while the Europeans will mostly be taking a pass.

I was a big supporter of the Bush foreign policy, and I really believe that ultimately historians will validate what Bush was trying to accomplish. But for the time being we will be stuck with a foreign policy similar to the failed schemes tried by Jimmy Carter during his dismal presidency.

Fortunately, we are a strong and resilient nation, and ultimately more sensible policies will emerge, perhaps in the form of a new Republican administration in four or eight years. But in the mean time, be prepared for a very rocky ride. It will become obvious soon enough if it hasn't already that the American people elected a naive neophyte to the most important job in the world. And we will be soon be paying dearly for that tragic lapse in judgment.
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Best wishes to the new Israeli government

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Israel's new foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, is no pushover. He already has all of the apologists for Hamas cringing in their boots. And if I say so myself, it's about time.
JERUSALEM - Israel's new hard-line foreign minister delivered a scathing critique of Mideast peace efforts Wednesday, rejecting the past year of U.S.-led negotiations and telling a room crowded with cringing diplomats that concessions to the Palestinians only invite war.

Avigdor Lieberman's first speech since taking office, along with accusations by the moderate Palestinian president that the new Israeli government opposes peace, signaled tough times ahead for the Obama administration's regional diplomacy.
Good. Obama's regional diplomacy for the Middle East deserves tough times. The two state solution promoted by the Obama Administration and others would do nothing more than allow a hostile state with the avowed intentions of destroying Israel to exist right on Israel's borders. If Israel is to survive, that cannot be allowed.

New hard-line Israeli foreign minister warns concessions to Palestinians will invite war

I have great hopes for this new Israeli government. The government itself must follow the foreign minister's lead and disavow the so-called peace process and make it perfectly clear that "greater Israel" is here to stay. Those lands which Israel won fair and square in the Six Day War in 1967 must remain under Israeli control. The Palestinians need to return to the fold in Jordan, which is their natural homeland. A large percentage of Jordanian citizens already are ethnically Palestinians anyway. So why do we need two Palestinian states? The answer is that we don't.

There are also indications, according to the Jerusalem Post, that the new Israeli government may have little patience with the US Government's Iran policy and may be prepared to take out Iran sooner rather than later. To that I say "God speed" to Bibi Netanyahu and his new government. There is no greater threat to world peace than the prospect that the fanatical maniacs in Iran might soon posses nuclear weapons. The time is now to take out their nuclear facilities, and it looks like Netanyahu is ready to do that.

Israel already showed what is possible when they took out Iraq's nuclear facilities in the 1980's. Israel possesses arguably one of the best fighting forces in the whole world, and Iran would do well to take heed and make it perfectly clear that Iran will go no further with it's nuclear program and will allow international inspections to make sure that their program does not start up again. If they don't do that then Israel needs to act because the wimps who control the US foreign policy these days cannot be expected to help. But thanks to the policies of the Bush Administration, Israel should already have the wherewithal to carry out an attack on Iran itself without any assistance.
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