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Sam Alito, my new hero

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank you Justice Alito for standing up to the sorry excuse for a president, Barry Obama. When you mouthed the words "not true" during Obama's pathetic speech last night you inspired millions of Americans. The Supreme Court stood up for free speech when it struck down portions of McCain/Feingold, and now poor baby Obama doesn't like it because he is afraid some Democrats might lose some elections.

Not since FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court have we seen such an attempt to intimidate the court which is supposed to be a coequal branch of the government. Just like Joe Wilson did last year, Sam Alito encouraged us all when in effect he told Obama to stick it where the sun don't shine. :-)

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It's been a very good week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Has there been any whining from the Hollywierd wierdos since Scottie cleaned the clock of the leftists Tuesday night?

Look at the rest that has happened this week:

SCOTUS beats down Mccain/Feingold.

Air America goes belly up.

The leftist nominee for the TSA withdraws his nomination.

John 'fluffy hair' Edwards admits he is a LYING POLTROON.

Health care rationing bill gets a fatal blow and DIES, killed by the people of these United States.

WOW ...... it's great news, but STAY VIGILANT, keep the pressure on, these leftist thugs won't cease their plotting and scheming.

Do we really need a list of lying liberals? I'd love to do it, Gore, Clinton, Clinton, Obumma, Reid, Frank, Dodd, Olberman, Schummer, C. Mathews, Ed, Maddow, Boxer, Pooplosie, Durbin, Feingold ,Harkin, Kerry, should I go on?

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Coverage of the tragedy in Haiti

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I want to congratulate CNN for their very excellent coverage of the catastrophe in the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti. I am not usually a big CNN fan, but IMO their coverage of this event has been stellar.

I find myself turning away from some of the horrific images of dead and dying and wounded, especially when it involves children, but then in a strange way I feel like I must watch. This is such an unspeakable tragedy. What else can one say about it?

I hope that everyone will donate what they can to help the people of Haiti, who are our neighbors in the Western Hemisphere. Here is a good website that lists several avenues for donations. Or you can go to Clintonbushhaitifund.org.

Where do the poor people of Haiti go from here? Their nation is for all practical purposes totally destroyed and it will take many years of hard work and a lot of money to make a difference.

Haiti is on the front pages now, and there is as lot of attention being payed to it. But what will happen after a while when this story fades from the front pages and we move on to our next tragedy? Haiti will be a long term project. We are talking about the lives and well being of millions of human beings here. I pray that God will look over the people of Haiti and bless them with peace and redemption.
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MFTBL will be adding additional listener slots soon

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There are some good changes coming to MFTBL.

Music from the Blue Light is in the process of adding 420 additional free listener slots. This will mean that 500 people will be able to simultaneously listen to the station. That will allow a lot of leeway for growth.

In addition to that, the storage space for music will be increased to 6 GB, which menas that there will be a lot more music variety. You will literally be able to listen for days and days without hearing the same track twice.

These changes should allow on one the Internet's longest running easy listening music stations, now entering it's eleventh year, the chance to go to the next level. The station will also be available on more platforms and it should soon be listed again in the iTunes music directory.

As always, thank you everybody for listening and supporting the station.
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