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Two ugly birds of a feather

Monday, September 30, 2013

Chris Mathews called Ted Cruz a "sneering demagogue" on his program the other day. And why is Mathews upset? Well it's because Senator Cruz is doing exactly what he told the voters of Texas he would do if they elected them. And knowing that Cruz would do everything in his power to stop Obamacare the good people of Texas elected him in a landslide. But in the twisted mind of Chris Mathews that makes Cruz a demagogue.

At the same time according to Mathews that weasel John McCain is a "patriot." I guess Mathews forgot about the time during the 2000 primaries when McCain lied to the voters of South Carolina when he told them he supported flying the Confederate flag over their state capital building only to recant later and admit he lied. McCain is a typical lying politician. But Ted Cruz says what he means and does what he says. Isn't that refreshing in a politician whether you agree with him all the time or not? Yet according to Mathews Cruz is a demagogue and McCain is a patriot.

We all honor McCain's service in the military, but since he became a politician he has lost all credibility. He called a good man and a great senator in Rand Paul a "wacko bird." Of course Senator Paul now wears McCain's slur as a badge of honor. McCain routinely tries to sabotage everything that Mike Lee and Ted Cruz try to accomplish in the name of the America people. McCain has become a bitter and cynical old man who cannot face the fact that time has passed him by. And while the government faces a shutdown crisis McCain is sending out tweets about TV shows.

Chris Mathews and John McCain are two ugly birds of a feather.
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Reforming the food stamps program

Monday, September 23, 2013

According to some commentators on the left, the Republicans in the House are greedy sociopathic evil monsters who want to starve children and old ladies. Of course they are talking about the bill that the House GOP passed that will result in an approximate 5% savings from the food stamp (SNAP) program.

Of course it's no more than the usual liberal lies. In the first place, the underaged, parents with children, the elderly and the disabled who are unable to work would see absolutely no reduction in benefits. However in keeping with welfare reform passed by a bipartisan majority in Congress in 1996, able bodied food stamp recipients who do not have children at home would be required to enroll in a supervised employment search program in order to remain eligible for benefits. Anyone who makes a good faith effort to find a job and can't would continue to receive uninterrupted benefits. Only those who refused to cooperate with the program would eventually face a discontinuation of benefits.

This proposal is intended to help people help themselves. It encourages people who are in a position to look for work to do so. It's a gentle nudge toward self sufficiency. And after all, the Food Stamp program was initially intended as a temporary stopgap measure to help people until their circumstances got better. But for many it has become a long term way of life. But nevertheless, only able bodied recipients without children would be affected by this change in the law.
And where does the 5% figure come from? That is the amount that the non partisan CBO estimates would be saved by the food stamp program if that work search requirement for able bodied recipients is implemented.

Nobody is going to be starving. Everyone who needs help will get it. It's just that if you are able bodied without children you will be required to make at least some small effort to help yourself. The supervised job search requirement would take up about two hours weekly.

This proposed change in the food stamp regulations is reasonable and compassionate. What could be more compassionate than helping someone get a job so that they can enjoy the dignity of gainful employment and self sufficiency?
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War hawks reunion tour

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Click for the larger image

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Message to bloodthirsty warmonger Barack Obama - Hands off Syria.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The last thing we need is a new war in the Middle East. Barack Obama has got to keep his hands off from Syria. He sold us a bill of goods when he ran for office as a peace candidate, but now we know the truth. He is using the pretext of the use of chemical weapons as an excuse to attack a small defenseless country. Yes the use of chemical weapons is unacceptable, but take it to the International Criminal Court. Charge Assad with crimes against humanity but don't take it out on innocent civilians.
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