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Ragarding the invading hoard headed toward our southern border

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

These people aren’t “asylum seekers” they’re INVADERS! They're economic LEECHES plain and simple who are not eligible for asylum.

This is what the EU (Euopean Union) is experiencing.... Migrants flood in, demand freebies, and refuse to work, and refuse to assimilate, while they expect the host country to systematically change their culture to fit the migrants' wants and needs and become like the oppressed SOCIALIST country they left behind...for which they still pledge their allegiance to. Keep them out at all costs, even if we have to shoot rubber bullets at them.
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Great sign

Thursday, October 4, 2018

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Sweet Revenge

Ha ha ha. Kav will be the perfect revenge for all of the crap that the Dems have pulled. And after all this he is pissed. He will take it out on the DemocRATS for the next 30 years. LOL.
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