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Let GM and Chrysler go under now and stop pussyfooting around

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks to the United Auto Workers Union and the complicity of the American left, there is no saving GM and Chrysler now. There is no use pouring any more money down that rat hole. And for heavens sake, the federal government has no business getting into the car warranty business. That's just plain foolish, and whoever thought up that harebrained scheme needs to be committed to an asylum. What we see here is liberalism at it's very worst. The government is a solution for everything, even to the point where it will start offering car warranties. Give me a break.

Letting those two companies go under will be healthy for our country in the long run. Yes, in the short run some pampered overpaid workers will lose their jobs, but maybe it's about time that these workers realize that someone who doesn't even have a high school diploma doesn't deserve to earn over $70 an hour and get life long health insurance benefits after they retire. Toyota and Honda and several others are making better cars in this country than the domestic big three make, yet they do not have to pay out those exorbitant wages and benefits. And that's how it should be with an efficient well run company. But GM and Chrysler are anything but that.

It's time that Detroit has a reality check. The days of the gravy train are over. You can't continue to put out an overpriced and inferior product using unjustified labor costs and expect to make it in the auto business. That's capitalism 101.

After GM and Chrysler fail, we will still be able to buy cars and trucks, and the laid off workers who show initiative will go out and get retrained for other jobs and will move on with their lives.

These companies are not sacrosanct. They are the victims of selfish labor unions and incompetent management, and when that happens under our capitalistic system, then the companies go under and someone else takes their place.

Who is to say that some smart American entrepreneurs will not buy the good assets of these failed companies and start up other efficient and well run American auto manufactures to take their place? That's the way it should work.

So I call upon the Obama Administration to say "enough is enough" and let them fail. It's the only realistic outcome at this point. So just let it happen.
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New taxes on smokers

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Smoke break gets more expensive with tax boost

It looks like it's getting even more expensive to smoke cigarettes in the good old USA.
WASHINGTON – However they satisfy their nicotine cravings, tobacco users are facing a big hit as the single largest federal tobacco tax increase ever takes effect Wednesday.

Tobacco companies and public health advocates, longtime foes in the nicotine battles, are trying to turn the situation to their advantage. The major cigarette makers raised prices a couple of weeks ago, partly to offset any drop in profits once the per-pack tax climbs from 39 cents to $1.01.
First, cigarette makers raise prices, then the federal tax more than doubles. What's a poor smoker to do? Quit you say? Well, as someone who has never smoked I don't know, but I suspect that if they had wanted to quit they would have already. But as we all know, many people just can't seem to quit no matter how hard they try because the addiction to nicotine is so strong.

So the government has them hooked on taxes just like they are already hooked on nicotine. And since it is so addictive, you know that they are going to find a way to pay for it no matter what, even if it means selling their souls to the devil. So unlike something like the federal income tax which is often evaded, the government knows it will get it's money out of this tax.

God, I am glad that I didn't ever start smoking. Like most people, I have made mistakes in my life, but starting smoking wasn't one of them.

So was the tax increase on tobacco a wise policy decision or not? Actually, I have ambivalent feelings about it. On the one hand I suppose the if anyone was stupid enough to start smoking in the first place then that's what they deserve. But on the other hand, the more compassionate side of me says that it is not right to squeeze tax money out of people, many of them poor, who can't afford it but will find a way to pay for it anyway even if it means neglecting the needs of their innocent children.

I guess the only solution to this conundrum is to find a way to reduce federal spending once and for all to the point that we don't need additional tax revenues. But don't hold your breath on that one. If Bush couldn't hold down spending how can we expect the tax and spend liberals who are in charge now to do so? That's the question of the hour.
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Attacks on Rush Limbaugh backfire

Friday, March 27, 2009

Limbaugh's ratings spike amid Dem attacks

I just knew that this would happen.
A conservative media watchdog group says recent Democratic attacks on Rush Limbaugh may have given a big boost to the talk radio host's ratings.

According to the Media Research Center, stations that carry Limbaugh's day time talk show experienced a "dramatic surge" of listeners in February — the month when congressional Democrats and even President Obama publicly took swipes at the conservative talker.
Rush is laughing all the way to the bank. All Obama and the Democrats did was give Limbaugh a priceless amount of free publicity when they attacked him, and the ratings show what happened.

As we learn more and more about how Obama plans to lead this nation down the road to socialism, conservative voices will become more important. The likes of Rush Limbaugh will be there to provide a counterweight to Obama for millions of radio listeners to hear. And with most of the mainstream media except for Fox News controlled by the liberals, we will need conservative talk radio as never before.

So I say to Obama and company, "bring it on." Keep up the criticism of Rush Limbaugh and his compatriots on talk radio. The more that you open your big mouths the more people will tune in to talk radio and the more people will hear the truth about the sorry state of affairs being created by your ultra liberal policies.

Of course the liberal elite hates Rush with a passion. And that's fine. Rush is not conducting a popularity contest. He is a communicator and an entertainer, and every day thousands more tune in to hear his take on events of the day. The election of Obama was tragic for the well being of the country, but speaking strictly on the basis of ratings, it was the best thing that ever happened to Limbaugh since Bill Clinton.

Liberals will continue to try to silence Rush. They will continue to try to resurrect the so-called fairness doctrine in an attempt to blatantly censor what Rush has to say. We Americans who believe in fairness and free speech have got to make it clear to the Democrats that we will not stand for this cynical attempt to neuter Rush and his opinions. If they don't like what Rush has to say, let them start up their own talk show so that they can give voice to their opposition. I would love to see a few more far left talk shows fail just like Air America did. LOL.

The Rush Limbaugh fan club

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Is the US economy on the "road to hell?"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

EU presidency: US economic plans 'a road to hell'

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek, whose country holds the European Union presidency thinks so. His comments on this issue made before the European Parliament are a very good read. He is saying what many American economists including liberal economist and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman are saying, that we cannot spend our way out of this recession. We are piling up debt after debt to the point that our national debt will be at it's highest as a percentage of GNP since World War II. And yes, Obama did inherit this mess, but just using that as a perennial excuse does not cut it anymore.

The American people elected Obama to get our economy back on track, not to make excuses for why we are in this mess in the first place. Yes, it makes sense to look back at the genesis of this crisis so that we can learn from it and try to make sure that it doesn't happen again, but somewhere along the line, and that time has come now, we have got to move from the blame mode to the solutions mode, and so far Obama and his economic team have come up lacking.

You can't just print three trillion dollars worth of new currency without triggering massive inflation, unless there are matching cuts in spending, and far from cutting spending, Obama, showing his true liberal colors, is embracing virtually every liberal spending program that the Democrats in Congress tried to pass but couldn't during the past several administrations.

We are back to a familiar mime. Government is the only entity that can solve problems, thus it is necessary to create one federal government program after another as we chase illusive solutions to problems that just seem to get worse, not better.

The lessons of history have apparently been lost upon Obama and company. Economies have always been cyclical and they always will be. You cannot repeal the economic cycle. Yes, this is a deeper recession than most, but eventually demand will start to outstrip supply and the economy will come back, unless of course the government gets in the way, in which case the inevitable recovery will be weaker and slower than it might have been.

Mr. Obama, let our economy do it's magic without interference from you. Let those so-called toxic assets work their way through the system. Let those who made bad financial decisions and took on mortgages that they could not afford learn their lesson and start over. And let the financial institutions that made those bad loans go under if they will, to be replaced by others who will rush into the market to take their place as the housing market inevitably rebounds. The housing market is already showing signs of coming back, and that is before any of Obama's expensive boondoggles have had time to kick in yet. Our economy can and will fix itself if only the government will stay out of the way and let it.
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Labor to join Israeli coalition government

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Barak strives to unite Labor after vote to join Likud gov't

There are some developments on the Israelis political front.

There is good news for Bibi Netanyahu and his coalition. The Labor Party has voted to join his budding coalition in spite of vigorous objections from left wing members of the party. In a bit of hyperbole, Labor MP Ophir Paz-Pines, embittered by his party's decision to join the Likud led coalition, ventured that "[Former prime ministers] David Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Yitzhak Rabin are turning over in their graves."

How can these founders of the Jewish State object to a show of unity between two of the county's three major political parties? By having Labor join his coalition, future Prime Minister Netanyahu gains instant credibility. His government will no longer be seen as a far right wing government, but rather it will now represent a broad coalition of Israeli political thought.

Is goes without saying the next few months will be crucial for Israel. With uncertain support from the new Obama Administration, and with outright hostility coming from many quarters in Western Europe, the new government will need all the help it can get. Having a former Labor prime minister holding a prominent position in the government (defense minister perhaps?) is crucial at this point.

A few dissidents in the Labor Party are threatening to withhold their support from the new government, but such a tactic will only marginalize them. Bibi will have the voted no matter what. His new government should be as stable as any Israeli government of late can be, and I look for the people of Israel to unite behind this government as it attempts to navigate the very difficult Middle east peace process.

I have always been a big Netanyahu fan, and these developments are good news to me. I call upon the Obama Administration to uphold the long standing bipartisan support that Israel has enjoyed from the United States. As Israel goes, so goes the war on terrorism. Israeli is a strong invaluable ally of ours in the volatile Middle East. We must stand by them, and if Obama does not enthusiastically support Israel he will do so at his political peril.
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Governor Palin rejects a portion of stimulus money

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gov. Sarah Palin reinforced her conservative credentials

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has joined the GOP governors of Louisiana and South Carolina in refusing to accept a portion (about 30%) of the federal stimulus money that has been allotted to her state. Her reasons for doing this are quite sound. Some of this money comes with strings attached and is being used the Obama Administration to advance it's liberal big government agenda. To accept this money, Alaska would have to agree to continue costly programs even after the federal stimulus money runs out. Hence, to her credit, Governor Palin said "thanks but no thanks."

It's typical of Democrats. They try to pull this all the time. They try to use federal mandates to take control and impose their will on local jurisdictions. It comes as no surprise to me that Obama and the Dem congressional leadership would be trying these tactics.

And of course there have been the obligatory demonstrations of "outrage" by "concerned citizens" who want to get 100% of the gravy train regardless of the consequences. But I doubt if Governor Palin will be swayed by a few noisy Democrats demonstrating in front of her office. All in all, the vast majority of Alaskans still support the governor. And that is as it should be. She is a rising star in the Republican Party and may well be the standard bearer in 2012.

Democrats just can't get over the fact the the GOP has an intelligent articulate advocate coming from the great north country who is not going to take any of their bull. To be sure, there will be more attempts to sabotage Governor Palin. But she is ready for them now. She has amassed a crack team of political advisers, and now she no longer finds herself beholden to John McCain and his incompetence. Governor Palin is a politician to watch, and I will be doing just that in this blog.
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Rush Limbaugh compares Obama to Sarah Palin

Saturday, March 21, 2009

That is just a brilliant clip. By the way, I will be enthusiastically supporting Palin for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination.
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Welcome to the brave new world of Barack Obama!

You voted for him. Now you can see what you are getting, and it isn't pretty.

Possession of marijuana is a federal crime. It's a felony actually. Yet the Obama justice department has announced that they are no longer going to enforce the marijuana laws. So in places like California you will be able to go to one of those so-called medicinal marijuana dispensaries and get your marijuana fix without worrying about being prosecuted for violating federal drug laws. And of course every pot head in the whole state is suddenly going to have a medical problem that requires copious amounts of marijuana. What a sham that is. And where is respect for the rule of law now? Well, I guess it's gone out the window since Mr. Obama took over.

And that's not all that is fishy with all things Obama. He has refused to send troops to our border with Mexico to try to combat the wave of drug related violence that is washing over our border. Before we know it, the Mexican drug lords will have pulled this country down to the status of a third world country, but apparently Mr. Obama doesn't care. Oh my, let's not offend the Mexicans by sending down troops to protect out families. Give me a break.

Then we have the lie that they are telling that they did not know about the huge bonuses being given out to AIG executives until last week. I think we need a new truth in lending law to account for the weasels in the Obama treasury department. Oh and by the way, Geitner is the same one who evaded thousands of dollars in income taxes, something that would have got you or I thrown in jail, but they barely gave him a slap on the wrist for it. You see, the laws that apply to you and to me apparently do not apply to team Obama.

Then we have Obama's genus move to try to make nice with the tyrants who run Iran. You know, the ones who deny the Holocaust and pledge to utterly destroy Israel. Did Obama just arrive on a rocket from Mars, or what? There is no negotiating with the Islamic extremists who run Iran. But I guess we will have to learn that sad lesson the hard way.

And the list goes on and on. They will also start to slaughter viable human embryos that have the full potential to grow into a human being. When Obama was just an embryo they did not slaughter him, but I guess that all bets are off now.

And meanwhile, with the myriad of problems facing this country right now, what is Obama doing? He's filling out his NCAA tournament bracket and appearing on the Jay Leno Show. Who cares about the economy, right?

You see people, you voted this guy in and now there is nothing we can do about it until the next election in 2012. Let's hope that we even have a country left by then.
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Israel, our only friend in the Middle East

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Benjamin Netanyahu website

Rupert Murdoch : I am not Jewish but...

As Israel prepares to inaugurate a new government led by Bibi Netanyahu, I think it's time to take stock of what is at stake for the whole world in the Middle East. If terrorists are allowed to wreck havoc with the democratic State of Israel, then who knows who is next? Israel is the one and only and best democratic ally of the United States in the volatile Middle East. This brave little state has held back an onslaught of Arab attacks ever since her fledgling rag tag army defeated the combined armed forces of six Arab nations in 1948.

Israel was established by a United Nations resolution in 1948 in accordance with international law. At a time when the United States and the Soviet Union could agree on very little, both permanent members of the Security Council spearheaded the drive to create Israel and allow the Jews who had been ravaged by the Holocaust to return to their ancestral lands. It was a great day for mankind when Israel was born, not to mention the fact that it was a fulfillment of biblical prophesy.

Fast forward to today and we find that Israel is being relentlessly attacked by the left in America and elsewhere for merely trying to defend herself. Israel had had enough of unprovoked rocket attacks aimed at her innocent civilians from Gaza by the terrorist organization Hamas. So Israel finally responded with a military campaign in an attempt to stop the rocket attacks. That attack was carried in full accordance with international law which allows sovereign nations to defend themselves from military attacks.

Well, as we know, there were a lot of civilian casualties in Gaza in spite of Israel's best intentions to avoid collateral damage when possible. Contrast that with the deliberate aiming of rockets at civilians carried out by Hamas.

So what happened? The left in the United States and elsewhere went ballistic, and they have not let up since. But thank God no amount of harassment from the far left can shake Israel's resolve to defend herself against those who would destroy her if they could. As we know, the charter of Hamas specifically calls for the destruction of Israel, no matter how long it might take.

Yet the left shows very little outrage at the many atrocities committed by Hamas including intentionally locating rocket launchers aimed at Israel in school yards and in hospitals. The lunatic left knows no shame, and they will not be satisfied until Hamas gets it's wish and accomplishes the destruction of Israel.

Here is wishing Bibi good luck and Godspeed as he assumes his new awesome responsibilities. I call upon the Obama Administration to honor the long standing bipartisan support of Israel that has been a hallmark of American foreign policy for the past sixty years.
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Yes, he should excommunicate you

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Impeach the Pope
Will he excommunicate me for pointing out that he is a misogyny denier?
You said it Robert S. McElvaine. Yes, the pope should impeach you for your blasphemy. You have the unmitigated nerve to call the pope, God's representative here on earth, a "misogynist." We are talking about a man whose whole life has been dedicated to love. He hates not one person on this earth, let alone all women. The notion that he hates women is patently absurd.

So yes, you deserve what you have coming to you. People who call themselves Catholics but do not adhere to the sacred doctrine of the holy church are the worst kind. And of course the Washington Post is all to gleeful to print your outrage. Folks, this is what we are up against. The forces of secularism are out to destroy Christianity, and we God-fearing people cannot let them get away with it.
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Good for the pope

Vatican defends pope condoms stand

The successor to St. Peter is showing why he is a true saintly servant of God. He has had the audacity to stand up for the word of God, so now all of the usual suspects have rushed out to criticize him.

But that's fine. The pope is not running a popularity contest. He is upholding long held church doctrine. And you do not take church doctrine lightly in the face of popular sentiment.

The pope is right. The only sure way to stop AIDS from being spread through sexual contact is to uphold the sanctity of marriage as outlined in the Holy Bible. Sex outside of the marriage covenant is a sin, and sin is not negotiable. Yes, we should not judge sinners, but we can condemn the sin itself, as the pope has wisely done.

There is no place for condoms as a part of the institution of marriage. And there is no place for adultery and fornication outside of marriage. That's it. Some may find those facts inconvenient, but that's just too bad.

Secular Europe should keep it's nose out of the business of the holy church. But IMO there is a fat chance of that. Secularism is on the rise all over the world, and with it moral authority goes out the window.

Witness Barack Obama's decision to expand stem cell research to the point where human embryos, which are viable human life, will be subjected to wholesale slaughter, all in the name of so-called "progress."

Thank God that we have a true and saintly pope who has the courage to stand up for what is right and who will not back down in the face of popular pressures. So to the secularists of Europe and elsewhere, I say rethink your worldly positions before it's too late.

But there is hope. There are millions of faithful followers of the Holy Church who will give sincere credence to the pope's dictates. And here in the USA, more and more people are waking up to the fraud that is Barack Obama, with his stem cell research and abortion funding and all the rest. We are going through a dark time right now, but change is on the horizon. 2012 will soon come, and we will have a chance to return a God fearing man to the White House in the tradition of George W. Bush. And all the while, the great Pope Benedict will be keeping up the good fight.
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Welcome back to my blog!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I have decided to start this blog up again. There is so much going on in the world today that I feel that I must comment on it. So stay tuned. More will follow.
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