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Harry Reid

Saturday, April 26, 2014

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Support Cliven Bundy

Friday, April 25, 2014

I'm disappointed in Sean Hannity and others who have bailed on Cliven Bundy merely because he was candid enough to make some politically incorrect comments. Yet if you go to some of the Tea Party websites and Facebook you will see that the rank and file remains firmly behind Mr. Bundy, notwithstanding that weasel Hannity. Sure Bundy used the term "Negro" but look up that word in any dictionary. It is a perfectly acceptable term to use and it's the same term that both JFK and LBJ used to refer to black people.


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What a bitch

Saturday, April 5, 2014

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Good news for a change

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Well we finally have some good news to report. As we speak liberal heads are exploding nationwide. Yesterday they were strutting around bragging about the phony 7 million Obamacare number. And now today the Supreme Court burst their bubble.

In a victory for the First Amendment the court ruled 5-4 to strike down limits on federal campaign contributions. And all five votes were from Republican appointees. Bwahahaha!!


This is especially sweet with the 2014 midterms coming up. Hopefully this will allow the Republicans to out fund raise the Democrats and make a clean sweep in the election. We have got to get on the road to repealing Obamacare. First we hold the House and take the Senate in 2014, then we hold Congress and take the White House two years later. There is still time to take this country back but the matter is urgent. It all starts in November of this year.
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Barack Obama serial liar

Seven million Obamacare signups my ass.

And most who did sign up already had other health insurance. But now they switched to Obamacare so you and I the taxpayers will be forced to foot most of the bill.



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The Republicans can still repeal Obamacare

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Obamacare can be repealed at any time. Don't beleive Obama's lies that it is here to stay. All the Republicans need is a Senate majority and the White house as well as keeping the House. Then of course they would need some balls but it could be done and it should be done. The ACA is way too much overreach on the part of the federal government.

And since the Senate Democrats used the nuclear option during this term now the Republicans can use it next time if that's what it takes to repeal the ACA.

And you ask what about those already enrolled? Well most of them already had some kind of insurance before they enrolled in the ACA and they can go back to it. Those who didn't can be gradually grandfathered off from it.
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