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Akin can still win

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Too many people are needlessly panicking over Todd Akin's gaffe. Josh Kraushaar in the National Journal still thinks that he holds even odds to defeat Claire McCaskill.


The NRSC is pouring money into other races where the GOP nominee is the decided underdog. Yet they are going to pull support from a candidate whose race remains winnable? They are overreacting to this. He apologized and disowned his remarks. Let's move on and get behind him and support him.
A poll taken Monday night by Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling had Akin leading McCaskill 44-43, virtually unchanged from previous polling, even though 75% of voters called Akin’s comments “inappropriate.”

“Todd Akin still has a very decent chance at winning the Missouri Senate race,” said Dean Debnam, President of PublicPolicy Polling. “Voters were appalled by his comments about abortion, but not so much that they decided to vote Democratic when they were previously planning to support the GOP. This looks like it will be a closely contested race if Akin stays in.”
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