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Democrats, Hispanics and immigration

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I wonder if the Democrats who are pushing so hard for a pathway to citizenship would be working so hard for this if getting these millions of illegal aliens citizenship would result in their voting overwhelmingly Republican? Are they truly altruistic or are they trying to influence the battle in America over progressive versus conservative ideas by bringing in reinforcements? And if getting more Democratic votes is not their goal, then can someone explain to me what is so important about a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens? I just don't get it. And why would standing up for the rule of law alienate Hispanic voters? I don't get that either. I can't imagine that Hispanic voters would support the idea that as a sovereign nation we don't have the right to control our borders and establish immigration policy as we see fit. After all, Mexico, the country that supplies us with the most immigrants has a very strict immigration policy. Why can't we?
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Threats to start race riots if Zimmerman is acquitted

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Following a number of tweets making threats to kill white people if George Zimmerman is acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, a former Chicago police officer warns that the outcome of the case could spark race riots in cities across America. As Infowars reported yesterday, following the woeful performance of Rachel Jeantel, the state’s so-called “star witness,” a number of Twitter users took to the social network to express their intention to kill white people in retaliation for Zimmerman going free. Tweets included remarks such as “If Zimmerman get off ima shoot the first #hispanic/white I see,” and “If they don’t kill Zimmerman Ima kill me a cracka.
This is what we are dealing with folks. As I said before I hope that fear of negative consequences if Zimmy is acquitted will not deny him a fair trial. Paula Deen has got in trouble for using the "N" word years ago back when it was socially acceptable in the South to do so. Of course she has profusely apologized for that. Yet people like that tweeter can call us "cracka" all they want with no consequences. And of course they are using that racial slur today, not 40 years ago. I wonder what would happen to me if I tweeted the "N" world. At the very least I would lose my Twitter account, as I should. It's a deeply troubling double standard. http://www.infowars.com/ex-chicago-cop-zimmerman-acquittal-to-cause-race-riots/
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Open season on true believing Christians

Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's open season on Christians and believers.
Fox News' Todd Starnes tweeted on Wednesday, "Won't be long before they outlaw the Bible as hate speech." And: "they're going after the preachers next."

Naturally, it was Rush Limbaugh who really clarified the stakes. "The Supreme Court majority, in its ruling, actually uses language that insults and demonizes the people who support marriage as it's been since the beginning of time," Limbaugh said on his radio show. There's an angry mob out there, and they're going to start hunting people down. The hunted are not the usual victims of hate crimes. They're people like Rush and his listeners:
I'm not surprised in the least that believers are being attacked, and it's going to get worse. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave over what his appointee Anthony Kennedy has wrought.

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Edward Snowden and his girlfriend

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Note his glasses in the lower left hand corner of the picture.


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