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Another typical liberal

Monday, August 30, 2010

Folks, this what we are dealing with.

It is time to pop the tea baggers’ favorite balloon (so what if it will be replaced by another?), and with that in mind I hereby offer to negotiate a $100,000 payday to the person who will come forward with a sex tape or phone records or anything else that succeeds in removing Glenn Beck from the public eye forever. I am not offering the cash myself, but I will broker the deal and/or raise the money for what you bring to the table. (And it better be good.)
This is what the liberal slime brigade has resorted to. It's beyond pathetic. They love to talk about hate, but they are the real haters by far.

Hey, this was so bad that even the Huffington Post took it down from their website.

I would like to hear what some of the Beck haters who have commented on this blog think about this.
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Sharron Angle for US Senate from Nevada

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It is time for Harry Reid to go. As a Nevadan, I can testify to how much he is loathed in this state. Sharron Angle will make a great United States Senator from Nevada.


Sharron Angle on Twitter
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Even Howard Dean opposes building a mosque at ground zero

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thank you Dr. dean. I don't agree with you about very much, but I have to applaud you for taking a reasonable and honorable stand on this issue.

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Ground zero mosque "yes," Greek Orthodox Church near ground zero "no"

Monday, August 16, 2010

If this is an issue of "rights," then why was the Greek Orthodox Church denied its rights only to have those rights given to the mosque?

The ground zero mosque has got the go ahead to be built blocks away from Ground Zero, yet a Greek Orthodox Church that was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks has not been allowed to be rebuilt. What is going on with that? So it's OK for a mosque to be built there but not a church? I thought this was America.
St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church stood in the shadow of the Twin Towers and was crushed when the South Tower collapsed.

George Demos, the Republican candidate for Congress in the First District of New York, called the delay in rebuilding the church a disgrace and blamed the Port Authority for the hold up.

"What an outrage that our government has put roadblocks in the path of its own citizens trying rebuild their beloved church destroyed by Islamic extremists," he said. "[This is done] while Saudi Arabia, a nation that prohibits people from even wearing a cross or the star of David, now provokes the families of those who lost loved ones by apparently funneling money to build a mosque at the same location."

The church was supposed to be relocated to a nearby site in a land swap deal with the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Demos says the project has been mired in bureaucratic red tape for most of the last decade.
There is absolutely no excuse for this. No members of the Greek Orthodox Church were involved in the 9/11 attacks, so why is it that they have not got the go ahead to build their church, yet it's full speed ahead for the mosque? Something is very wrong here.

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CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll: 70% oppose ground zero mosque

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The American people are overwhelmingly opposed to building the ground zero mosque. As usual, Obama is out of touch with what real Americans want.
A proposed mosque to be built two blocks from the World Trade Center has little support nationwide, a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll suggests. According to the new survey out Wednesday, nearly 70 percent of all Americans oppose the controversial plan to build the mosque just blocks away from the solemn site in lower Manhattan while just 29 percent favor the construction.
Proponents of the mosque like to talk about religious tolerance, but if that is the case, where is the outrage about the lack of religious tolerance in Muslim countries? There already are over 100 mosques in New York City. Yet there are no churches or synagogues in Saudi Arabia, and Christians and Jews are not even allowed to enter Mecca. And they lecture us about tolerance?

I'll tell you what. The day that they allow a Christian church to be built in Mecca is the day that I will change my position and support the building of the ground zero mosque.

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Obama gets involved in controversy over ground zero mosque

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I already mentioned in my previous post that Muslims tend to build their monuments over top of their conquests. And apparently that is OK with Obama. And why shouldn't it be? We have known for some time that Obama sympathizes with Islamic extremism and for all we know he might secretly be a Muslim himself. His father was a Muslim and Obama attended an Islamic school in Indonesia.

Obama decides to make statement on mosque

This is what I said at this blog last November and I think it bears repeating now.
In my opinion, as long as Barack Obama sits in the White House, the war against Islamic terror is doomed. Heck, he even refuses to use the word "war on terror." In effect, with Obama around the terrorists have already won.

Obama's Justice Department as we know has decided to try Khalid Shaikh Mohammad and other terrorists in New York, thus dignifying them and giving them a convenient platform to spew their hate. 9/11 was an act of war against this country if I ever saw one, yet rather than trying Mohammad and others in a military tribunal where they belong, they are going to be paraded around in New York like they were some kind of celebrity. I wonder how many millions of dollars this will cost the American taxpayer. These guys will lawyer up (with free lawyers by the way) and stretch this thing out virtually forever, thereby delaying indefinitely the justice that they so sorely deserve.

There is only one way to fix this dilemma. We have got to clean out that rat's nest in the White House. Believe me my friend, 2012 cannot come soon enough. Obama has turned out to be the worst thing that has ever happened to this country. I only hope and pray that he will not have totally destroyed this once great country before we can get him out of there in the next election.
Obama and the Democrats had better watch out. Building that mosque is overwhelmingly unpopular with the American people. With an election coming up soon, their support of the mosque being built on the hallowed ground of the 9/11 attacks could cost them dearly politically. I hope it does.
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More about the ground zero mosque

Monday, August 9, 2010

This comment was written at the TVNewser website by poster KarlRocks and it is so good that I want to repost it here. This concerns the controversy over the proposed ground zero mosque that I alluded to in an earlier post.
This is not about individual Muslims, this is about Islamic culture that historically builds large and significant mosques on top of their conquests. Where ever you go in the Muslim world significant mosques are built on significant sites. Istanbul, Damascus, Cairo the grand mosques are built on top of the most significant Christian churches. Jerusalem, the Golden mosque was built on top of the site of the Jewish temple, Mecca the black stone or Karba was a place of worship before Islam existed. In Hebron a mosque was built on the tomb of the patriarchs(Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), on Josephs tomb, Samuel's tomb, Rachele's tomb, in Iraq the ancient Hebrew writings have been removed from Daniels Tomb and the site converted into a mosque????? Are you progressive Americans that unworldly, that blind that you cant see the significance of the mosque the name of the organization (Cordoba)the conquest of Christian and Jewish Spain by Islam (Andalusia). Symbolism is paramount in Islam, this mosque is without a doubt a symbol of Islams victory over the US. The upshot of the WTC attacks has been the economic waste of USA treasure and lives in its futile wars against an enemy it is too scared to name.


Another responder from England wrote "we must understand that mosques are not just places of worship to Islamists – they are political centers to spread Islamist supremacy." I guess we in America are just slow to learn.
Among liberals, it is totally acceptable to show religious bigotry toward Christians, but at the same time they are happy to defend the most radical and extremist Muslims. And if we try to call out these Muslims on the extremism, then to these libs it is we who are the religious bigots. Well, of course the libs have it backwards.
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Karl Rove on Rush Limgaugh show today

I happened to catch Karl Rove sitting in for Rush Limgaugh today and in my opinion he has been outstanding.

Here is what Rush said about Karl guest hosting his program.
RUSH: How long will it be, ladies and gentlemen, before Karl Rove has his own radio talk show? It is a valid question because Karl Rove is going to be the guest host on Monday of this program. I'm going to be out waaaay late on the Left Coast on Sunday. It's impractical to get back here in time for the busy broadcast on Monday, so we've asked Karl Rove to come in. Almost everybody who has guest hosted this program ends up with their own show. So I wonder how long it'll be before Karl has his. The State-Controlled Media are just obsessed with Karl Rove guest hosting this program. We have John King on CNN last night, a panel discussion. Guest host Jessica Yellin spoke with former Bush/Cheney Campaign Adviser Robert Traynham, Gloria Borger, and Don Baer, all of them talking about Karl Rove doing this program on Monday. Yellin says: "Karl Rove is going back to work in a new role for a day. ... George W. Bush's go-to guy for politics, will be the fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh's radio show next Monday. Robert, is this a new career for Karl Rove?"
Karl had a fascinating segment in which he discussed the efforts by a rogue prosecutor to put him in jail over the non story, the Valerie Plame affair.

He also has had a very informative political discussion, and he paints a very grim picture for Democrats' prospects in November. I hope and expect that Karl is right about that.

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Bias at CNN over the proposed Ground Zero mosque

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Here's another example of the bias we get from CNN. Fareed Zakaria who has his own show on CNN is returning an award he got from the ADL because the ADL recently came out against defiling ground zero in New York City with a mosque. So I guess we know now which side Zakaria is on. He makes a good bedfellow for that other biased bigot who just left CNN, Christiane Amanpour.

And let's make it clear. The Mosque that this Imam Rauf wants to build almost right at ground zero is a stab in the back to the grieving families who lost loved ones on 9/11. Rauf is the same one who refuses to label Hamas a terrorist organization and who said that when it comes to the 9/11 attacks, the United States should be considered an accessory to the crime. He also wants to impose so-called sharia law on America.

And now we have Fareed Zakaria getting in the act. This is just another example of the fact that it is a total lie to call CNN an unbiased news organization. First it was Israel hating Amanpour on their network, and now it's Zakaria who favors disrespecting the 9/11 families by building that mosque which will turn out to be nothing more than a center for America hating pro terrorist propaganda.

In the previous post I discussed the Prop 8 decision in California. Do you realize that if this Imam gets his way and sharia law is adopted in America, gays will not only be denied the right to marry, they would be either castrated or executed? And we want to allow people like that to build a mosque near ground zero?

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The Prop 8 Decision

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Using equal protection as an excuse to overturn Prop 8 is a joke. There are plenty of instances where different classes of people in this country are treated differently. Look at our tax system where different classes of people are charged different rates. And look at federal hiring preferences for minorities. Why hasn't the judiciary used equal protection to overturn these things? Well, it obvious. They want to selectively use equal protection to fit their own agendas.

The sad fact is that equal protection is used when a judge needs an excuse to come to a decision. Judge Walker had a pro gay marriage agenda from day one and he is very conveniently using equal protection as his vehicle.

Heck, even the conservative majority on the Supreme Court has got into the act. They used equal protection to decide for Bush in Gore v. Bush in 2000. While I personally believe that Bush really did win Florida by a narrow margin, nevertheless this is just another example of using equal protection to validate an agenda.

The judiciary in the United States is out of control and under the system of checks and balances they have taken too much power.

This is getting to be a dictatorship by the judiciary. It doesn't matter any more what the people want. There are judges such as Judge Walker who think that it is they who should decide the direction of this country, not the voter. The unwashed ignorant voter can't be trusted. So they will sit up in their ivory towers and make dictatorial decisions and the will of the people be damned.

Overturning Prop 8 is one example of this. The overturning of the Arizona immigration law is another. And we can go all the way back to the overturning of Prop 187 in California in 1994 as another example. Because of that wrong headed decision, the people of the United States lost the immigration fight and there is no stopping the hoard coming from south of the border.
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