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More about the ground zero mosque

Monday, August 9, 2010

This comment was written at the TVNewser website by poster KarlRocks and it is so good that I want to repost it here. This concerns the controversy over the proposed ground zero mosque that I alluded to in an earlier post.
This is not about individual Muslims, this is about Islamic culture that historically builds large and significant mosques on top of their conquests. Where ever you go in the Muslim world significant mosques are built on significant sites. Istanbul, Damascus, Cairo the grand mosques are built on top of the most significant Christian churches. Jerusalem, the Golden mosque was built on top of the site of the Jewish temple, Mecca the black stone or Karba was a place of worship before Islam existed. In Hebron a mosque was built on the tomb of the patriarchs(Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), on Josephs tomb, Samuel's tomb, Rachele's tomb, in Iraq the ancient Hebrew writings have been removed from Daniels Tomb and the site converted into a mosque????? Are you progressive Americans that unworldly, that blind that you cant see the significance of the mosque the name of the organization (Cordoba)the conquest of Christian and Jewish Spain by Islam (Andalusia). Symbolism is paramount in Islam, this mosque is without a doubt a symbol of Islams victory over the US. The upshot of the WTC attacks has been the economic waste of USA treasure and lives in its futile wars against an enemy it is too scared to name.


Another responder from England wrote "we must understand that mosques are not just places of worship to Islamists – they are political centers to spread Islamist supremacy." I guess we in America are just slow to learn.
Among liberals, it is totally acceptable to show religious bigotry toward Christians, but at the same time they are happy to defend the most radical and extremist Muslims. And if we try to call out these Muslims on the extremism, then to these libs it is we who are the religious bigots. Well, of course the libs have it backwards.
posted by John, 12:42 PM


Busting the multiculturalist myth of diversity bringing 'cultural enrichment'.

Islamists are already trying to restrict and destroy our culture - see additional links under 'Cultural Jihad'.

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