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Karl Rove on Rush Limgaugh show today

Monday, August 9, 2010

I happened to catch Karl Rove sitting in for Rush Limgaugh today and in my opinion he has been outstanding.

Here is what Rush said about Karl guest hosting his program.
RUSH: How long will it be, ladies and gentlemen, before Karl Rove has his own radio talk show? It is a valid question because Karl Rove is going to be the guest host on Monday of this program. I'm going to be out waaaay late on the Left Coast on Sunday. It's impractical to get back here in time for the busy broadcast on Monday, so we've asked Karl Rove to come in. Almost everybody who has guest hosted this program ends up with their own show. So I wonder how long it'll be before Karl has his. The State-Controlled Media are just obsessed with Karl Rove guest hosting this program. We have John King on CNN last night, a panel discussion. Guest host Jessica Yellin spoke with former Bush/Cheney Campaign Adviser Robert Traynham, Gloria Borger, and Don Baer, all of them talking about Karl Rove doing this program on Monday. Yellin says: "Karl Rove is going back to work in a new role for a day. ... George W. Bush's go-to guy for politics, will be the fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh's radio show next Monday. Robert, is this a new career for Karl Rove?"
Karl had a fascinating segment in which he discussed the efforts by a rogue prosecutor to put him in jail over the non story, the Valerie Plame affair.

He also has had a very informative political discussion, and he paints a very grim picture for Democrats' prospects in November. I hope and expect that Karl is right about that.

posted by John, 11:30 AM


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