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The Prop 8 Decision

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Using equal protection as an excuse to overturn Prop 8 is a joke. There are plenty of instances where different classes of people in this country are treated differently. Look at our tax system where different classes of people are charged different rates. And look at federal hiring preferences for minorities. Why hasn't the judiciary used equal protection to overturn these things? Well, it obvious. They want to selectively use equal protection to fit their own agendas.

The sad fact is that equal protection is used when a judge needs an excuse to come to a decision. Judge Walker had a pro gay marriage agenda from day one and he is very conveniently using equal protection as his vehicle.

Heck, even the conservative majority on the Supreme Court has got into the act. They used equal protection to decide for Bush in Gore v. Bush in 2000. While I personally believe that Bush really did win Florida by a narrow margin, nevertheless this is just another example of using equal protection to validate an agenda.

The judiciary in the United States is out of control and under the system of checks and balances they have taken too much power.

This is getting to be a dictatorship by the judiciary. It doesn't matter any more what the people want. There are judges such as Judge Walker who think that it is they who should decide the direction of this country, not the voter. The unwashed ignorant voter can't be trusted. So they will sit up in their ivory towers and make dictatorial decisions and the will of the people be damned.

Overturning Prop 8 is one example of this. The overturning of the Arizona immigration law is another. And we can go all the way back to the overturning of Prop 187 in California in 1994 as another example. Because of that wrong headed decision, the people of the United States lost the immigration fight and there is no stopping the hoard coming from south of the border.
posted by John, 5:21 PM


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