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Geert Wilders 9/11 Speech

Saturday, September 11, 2010

But New York and Sharia are incompatible. New York stands for freedom, openness and tolerance. New York’s Mayor recently said that New York is “rooted in Dutch tolerance.”

Those are true words. New York is not intolerant. How can it be? New York is open to the world. Suppose New York were intolerant. Suppose it only allowed people of one persuasion within its walls.

Then it would be like Mecca, a city without freedom. Whatever your religion, persuasion or gender is, in New York you will find a home.

In Mecca, if your religion isn’t Islam, you are not welcome. Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf claims the right to build a mosque, a house of Sharia here – on this hallowed ground.

But, friends, I have not forgotten and neither have you.

That is why we are here today. To draw the line.

Here, on this sacred spot. We are here in the spirit of America’s founding fathers. We are here in the spirit of freedom. We are here in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the President who freed the slaves. President Lincoln said: “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.”

These words are the key to our survival. The tolerance that is crucial to our freedom requires a line of defense. Mayor Bloomberg uses tolerance as an argument to allow Imam Rauf and his sponsors to build their so-called Cordoba Mosque.

Mayor Bloomberg forgets, however, that openness cannot be open-ended. A tolerant society is not a suicidal society.

It must defend itself against the powers of darkness, the force of hatred and the blight of ignorance. It cannot tolerate the intolerant – and survive.

This means that we must not give a free hand to those who want to subjugate us. An overwhelming majority of Americans is opposed to building this mosque.

So is an overwhelming majority everywhere in the non-Islamic world.
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Verses from the Quran

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Kill non-Muslims wherever you find them. Lie in wait and ambush them, seize and capture them using every stratagem of war." - Quran 9:5

"Fight then against them till strife be at an end, and the religion be all of it Allah's." - Quran 8:40

If it says things like that, then maybe it deserves to be burned.
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Ground Zero Mosque Imam Threatens America With Attack if Mosque Not Built


I knew it would come to this. This is the message from Islam. Do what we say or we will commit violence against you.
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The US military burned a whole stash of Christian bibles in Afghanistan


Yet did we see violence from Christian extremists over burned bibles? No we did not. The responsibility for any violence lies with the perpetrators of the violence. There is no excuse for violence no matter what book is burned.

Plus, bibles are routinely burned in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.

Muslims Burn Bibles Routinely and Often
The only thing this Liberal MSM driven controversy has done is showed once again that Islam is intolerant to the ideals of the West of freedom of speech.

Islam should not be given special treatment. The West is making it all about the pastor...but it reality this should be a prime example that Islam is not ready for modern society.
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Burning the Qur'an

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There seems to be a big controversy over the intentions of a small religious group in Florida to burn the Muslim holy book, the Qur'an.


Burning the Qur'an will undoubtedly offend some Muslim extremists who already hate America anyway. But in this country, thankfully there is such as thing as the First Amendment. Burning the Qur'an is no different than burning the American flag, and the courts have ruled that flag burning is protected free speech. Of course, many Islamic extremists come from places where freedom of speech is nonexistent, but nevertheless that is no excuse for violence. They can believe in that book of fairytales all they want, but our system of freedoms is more important than what some Muslim in another country thinks or does.

So I am calling for that Florida church to go ahead with burning the Qur'an. I hope that they don't succumb to pressure to abdicate their freedom of speech. Our American freedoms are more important than the Qur'an, the Bible, or any other book.

There have already been calls in places like Pakistan for the death of anyone in America who burns the Qur'an. That just goes to show what type of extremists we are dealing with. These are the same people who called for the death of Danish cartoonists whose only crime was to draw pictures of their prophet Muhammad. And of course it was no crime to draw him. That was also an issue of freedom.

We cannot let Islamic extremists push us around and tell us what we can and can't do. Heck, if they had their way they would impose their stone age Sharia law on all of us too.

It is time to take a stand against extremist Muslims. Enough is enough. If so-called "moderate" Muslims cannot condemn such extremism, then that also is very telling.

Remember when they danced in the streets in the Arab world after 9/11? It was a sickening display. And now the same kind of people are threatening us. We can't let them get away with it.
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