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Tweet of the day

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Bad week for Obama, he lost HC and the facts are coming out about his wanna be son."


It's fun seeing libs having a conniption fit over the very real possibility that the SCOTUS will overturn all or part of Obamacare. Thank God we have separation of powers in this country and the federal judiciary is a coequal branch of the government. And we can thank GWB for giving us two great justices, Alito and Roberts.

June 29, 2012 on edit - I take back my laudatory comment about Roberts.
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I stand with Rush

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rush has promised his millions of loyal listeners that the left absolutely will not be successful in silencing him. The thing that Rush's detractors need to realize is that Rush is no longer doing this for the money. He already has all the money he could ever need. He is doing this as a labor of love for his country, not for any personal gain. So any type of economic sanctions against his program will fail. And as we know, he already donates much of his income to charity anyway.

We all know that the left is faking outrage over an insignificant incident which pales in comparison to what many left wing talkers have said and done simply because it cannot abide a strong and articulate conservative voice heard by millions of Americans. They have been trying to find a way to get Rush off the air for a long time. They have not succeeded up to now and they will not succeed in the future.

What can we do? We can do what many Americans are already doing. We can boycott any sponsor that drops Rush and we can be sure to patronize those many sponsors that are sticking with Rush. And we can get on social media to show our support for Rush. We should not let a few noisy voices on the left drown us out. Everybody should go to #IStandWithRush on Twitter as thousands have already done to show their love and support for a true American patriot and a conservative icon, Rush Limbaugh.
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Boycott any company that drops Rush Limbaugh

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We're all adults so admit this is fake outrage and an attempt to silence people you do not agree with. To liberals free speech is only when you vote the right way. If you are
liberal you're allowed to rape interns, be a member of the KKK, drunk drive a woman into a river and lie about it, commit fraud to avoid paying taxes, or twitter underage girls secretly. I've had enough of this sophistry and will not patronize any business that gives in to phony outrage. Boycott any company that drops Rush Limbaugh.
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Great article about the attempt to censor Rush Limbaugh

Monday, March 5, 2012

This is a great article.


I quote from the article:
Everyone remembers Ed Schultz calling Laura Ingraham a “slut” on his radio show.

MSNBC suspended him for a week, but none of Schultz’s advertisers dropped his show under media pressure. There was no pressure. Some of the same sponsors now pulling out of Rush’s show still support Schultz.

What Schultz said is nothing compared to his colleagues.

Fellow talk show host Mike Malloy hoped Sarah Palin “drives herself into madness” and insisted Michele Bachmann is an “evil bitch from Hell” who would have gladly supervised the Holocaust.

Montel Williams rooted on Air America for Bachmann to slit her own wrist or throat.

Randi Rhodes insisted that teenage boys weren’t safe from Palin’s advances if they stayed over at her house. There’s no news coverage or “war on women” narrative when the mud-covered women are conservatives.

Maybe these hosts aren’t prominent enough?

Then consider the case study of Bill Maher, who’s welcomed all over TV news shows. A year ago on his HBO show, he called Sarah Palin a “dumb twat.”
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Carbonite Drops Ads from Rush Limbaugh but Not Ed Schultz?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This is from Redstate.com.


Why is Carbonite so outraged over Rush's comments, especially since Rush merely told the truth about that woman, yet they gave Ed Schultz a pass when he called Laura Ingraham a slut. Carbonite did not drop it's advertising on Ed's radio show yet they are having a cow over what Rush said. Such hypocracy.
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Fake outrage over Rush Limbaugh's comments

Most of the people expressing fake outrage over Rush's innocuous comments are just using this as an excuse to try to get Rush, something they have failed to do in the past. When Ed Schultz called Laura Ingraham the "S" word where was the outrage then? Of course that was different because Schultz is a liberal and liberals can say what they want. But woe be it to any conservative who says the least little thing. The liberal hypocrisy is stunning.

But just you wait. Rush will ultimately win this one. The publicity will only pad his already huge ratings. And any company that pulls it's ads from his show will live to regret it as they lose business from Rush's millions of loyal fans. Rush Limbaugh will come out of this even stronger.

I can't wait to catch his show on Monday.
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