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John's Blog

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I stand with Rush

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rush has promised his millions of loyal listeners that the left absolutely will not be successful in silencing him. The thing that Rush's detractors need to realize is that Rush is no longer doing this for the money. He already has all the money he could ever need. He is doing this as a labor of love for his country, not for any personal gain. So any type of economic sanctions against his program will fail. And as we know, he already donates much of his income to charity anyway.

We all know that the left is faking outrage over an insignificant incident which pales in comparison to what many left wing talkers have said and done simply because it cannot abide a strong and articulate conservative voice heard by millions of Americans. They have been trying to find a way to get Rush off the air for a long time. They have not succeeded up to now and they will not succeed in the future.

What can we do? We can do what many Americans are already doing. We can boycott any sponsor that drops Rush and we can be sure to patronize those many sponsors that are sticking with Rush. And we can get on social media to show our support for Rush. We should not let a few noisy voices on the left drown us out. Everybody should go to #IStandWithRush on Twitter as thousands have already done to show their love and support for a true American patriot and a conservative icon, Rush Limbaugh.
posted by John, 3:18 PM


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