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John's Blog

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Democrats, Hispanics and immigration

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I wonder if the Democrats who are pushing so hard for a pathway to citizenship would be working so hard for this if getting these millions of illegal aliens citizenship would result in their voting overwhelmingly Republican? Are they truly altruistic or are they trying to influence the battle in America over progressive versus conservative ideas by bringing in reinforcements? And if getting more Democratic votes is not their goal, then can someone explain to me what is so important about a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens? I just don't get it. And why would standing up for the rule of law alienate Hispanic voters? I don't get that either. I can't imagine that Hispanic voters would support the idea that as a sovereign nation we don't have the right to control our borders and establish immigration policy as we see fit. After all, Mexico, the country that supplies us with the most immigrants has a very strict immigration policy. Why can't we?
posted by John, 3:20 PM


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