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Let GM and Chrysler go under now and stop pussyfooting around

Monday, March 30, 2009

Thanks to the United Auto Workers Union and the complicity of the American left, there is no saving GM and Chrysler now. There is no use pouring any more money down that rat hole. And for heavens sake, the federal government has no business getting into the car warranty business. That's just plain foolish, and whoever thought up that harebrained scheme needs to be committed to an asylum. What we see here is liberalism at it's very worst. The government is a solution for everything, even to the point where it will start offering car warranties. Give me a break.

Letting those two companies go under will be healthy for our country in the long run. Yes, in the short run some pampered overpaid workers will lose their jobs, but maybe it's about time that these workers realize that someone who doesn't even have a high school diploma doesn't deserve to earn over $70 an hour and get life long health insurance benefits after they retire. Toyota and Honda and several others are making better cars in this country than the domestic big three make, yet they do not have to pay out those exorbitant wages and benefits. And that's how it should be with an efficient well run company. But GM and Chrysler are anything but that.

It's time that Detroit has a reality check. The days of the gravy train are over. You can't continue to put out an overpriced and inferior product using unjustified labor costs and expect to make it in the auto business. That's capitalism 101.

After GM and Chrysler fail, we will still be able to buy cars and trucks, and the laid off workers who show initiative will go out and get retrained for other jobs and will move on with their lives.

These companies are not sacrosanct. They are the victims of selfish labor unions and incompetent management, and when that happens under our capitalistic system, then the companies go under and someone else takes their place.

Who is to say that some smart American entrepreneurs will not buy the good assets of these failed companies and start up other efficient and well run American auto manufactures to take their place? That's the way it should work.

So I call upon the Obama Administration to say "enough is enough" and let them fail. It's the only realistic outcome at this point. So just let it happen.
posted by John, 5:25 PM


Yep. Let GM and Chrysler rot. And, by the way, Toyota, Honda and Subaru pay American workers very well. They just don't have to put up with insane wages like the "Big 3" do.

My town (Benton, Ark.) used to be a union town. I say used to be -- Alcoa and Reynolds were major employers until labor demands became downright ridiculous at a time when the aluminum plans were having trouble turning a profit.

That, folks, is what happens when unions run unchecked...

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