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Governor Palin rejects a portion of stimulus money

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gov. Sarah Palin reinforced her conservative credentials

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has joined the GOP governors of Louisiana and South Carolina in refusing to accept a portion (about 30%) of the federal stimulus money that has been allotted to her state. Her reasons for doing this are quite sound. Some of this money comes with strings attached and is being used the Obama Administration to advance it's liberal big government agenda. To accept this money, Alaska would have to agree to continue costly programs even after the federal stimulus money runs out. Hence, to her credit, Governor Palin said "thanks but no thanks."

It's typical of Democrats. They try to pull this all the time. They try to use federal mandates to take control and impose their will on local jurisdictions. It comes as no surprise to me that Obama and the Dem congressional leadership would be trying these tactics.

And of course there have been the obligatory demonstrations of "outrage" by "concerned citizens" who want to get 100% of the gravy train regardless of the consequences. But I doubt if Governor Palin will be swayed by a few noisy Democrats demonstrating in front of her office. All in all, the vast majority of Alaskans still support the governor. And that is as it should be. She is a rising star in the Republican Party and may well be the standard bearer in 2012.

Democrats just can't get over the fact the the GOP has an intelligent articulate advocate coming from the great north country who is not going to take any of their bull. To be sure, there will be more attempts to sabotage Governor Palin. But she is ready for them now. She has amassed a crack team of political advisers, and now she no longer finds herself beholden to John McCain and his incompetence. Governor Palin is a politician to watch, and I will be doing just that in this blog.
posted by John, 7:57 PM


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