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MFTBL will be adding additional listener slots soon

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

There are some good changes coming to MFTBL.

Music from the Blue Light is in the process of adding 420 additional free listener slots. This will mean that 500 people will be able to simultaneously listen to the station. That will allow a lot of leeway for growth.

In addition to that, the storage space for music will be increased to 6 GB, which menas that there will be a lot more music variety. You will literally be able to listen for days and days without hearing the same track twice.

These changes should allow on one the Internet's longest running easy listening music stations, now entering it's eleventh year, the chance to go to the next level. The station will also be available on more platforms and it should soon be listed again in the iTunes music directory.

As always, thank you everybody for listening and supporting the station.
posted by John, 12:05 AM


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