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Things might be coming to a head in Iran

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Could the days of the repressive regime in Iran be numbered? According to an article posted at the Huffington Post, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, has readied his personal plane for a possible evacuation from Iran to Russia.
Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei could flee to Russia should the situation in his country continue to spiral out of control, according to Radio Netherlands.

The media organization reports that the Supreme National Security Council ordered a check-up Sunday of the jet on standby to evacuate Khamenei and his family should the need arise.
I didn't realize that the protests in Iran had gotten to this point. For one thing, with media censorship in Iran, it's hard to get an accurate set of facts on exactly what is going on. But if there is any kernel of truth to this story, then it goes without saying that it is great news.

If the Iranian people could rise up and throw off the yoke of Islamic fundamentalist oppression, what a day that would be. And of course the cause of world peace would have been advanced to a great degree.

Let's hope that in the mean time the deaths among the pro democracy protesters can be kept to a minimum. Sometimes a dying fascist regime such as the one in Iran can get increasingly violent during it's death throes. They might be willing to resort to extreme measures in an effort to survive. So I hope that the people of Iran can become prepared and ready for that dire eventuality.

Probably at this point is it wise for the USA to just stay out of it in order to keep the Iranian regime from acquiring a whipping boy to divert attention from the issues at hand. But if this revolution does succeed, then we need to step in and provide any assistance necessary for the cause of freedom in Iran.

The brave people of Iran should all be in our fervent thoughts and prayers at this crucial time. Godspeed to them.
posted by John, 8:23 AM


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