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Blue Light Christmas 128 kbps

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Last night I changed the Blue Light Christmas bit rate from 64 kbps MP3Pro to 128 kbps MP3. I hope that everyone has enough bandwidth to handle 128 kbps. I wanted to keep it at 64 but when I down converted the original files to 64 there was quite a loss in sound quality which I considered to be unacceptable, hence the change. Now it sounds great, whereas before the sound was rather "swishy." I'm not sure how many listeners noticed it, but I pride myself in my station's sound quality, and I noticed it on my Bose Mediamate speakers, hence the switch. When the station goes back to regular programming on December 26th I will probably go back to 64 again because, unlike in the case of the Christmas music files, the regular programming files were down converted from master WAV files and they sound much better.
posted by John, 9:46 PM


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