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Obama's popularity drops among whites

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Since the start of his presidency, U.S. President Barack Obama's approval rating has declined more among non-Hispanic whites than among nonwhites, and now, fewer than 4 in 10 whites approve of the job Obama is doing as president.

So it looks like the shine is off from this guy. Among what is still the largest voting block, white people, his approval rating is all the way down to 39%. Expect it to continue to decline.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin continues her wildly successful tour to rave reviews and enthusiastic crowds. Is change in the wind? I sure hope so. Remember that Obama ran on a campaign platform of change, and now we are seeing where that has got us. Perhaps in 2012 we can get bona fide change, not Obama's fraud that he is trying to pass on as change.

As these new polling numbers show, the American people are not falling for it any longer. Obama's approval rating among whites was 68% right after he took office, but now that figure has been cut in half. That is a decline in popularity of historic proportions.

I predicted on this very blog just a few months ago that Obama's popularity would go down. And not to be bragging, but it looks now that I was right on the money. We know now that the emperor has no clothes. And believe you me folks, it's going to get worse.

Barack Obama is going to be an accident of history that should never have happened. As I have said so many times before on this blog, 2012 can't come soon enough. In the mean time, we have got to fight him tooth and nail to make sure that he doesn't destroy this once great country.

You name it. Whether it's health care reform, the economy, the war in Afghanistan, or social issues such as abortion or gays in the military, Obama is on the wrong side. It is such a shame that people didn't see this coming before the election.
posted by John, 2:51 PM


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