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Best wishes to the new Israeli government

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Israel's new foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, is no pushover. He already has all of the apologists for Hamas cringing in their boots. And if I say so myself, it's about time.
JERUSALEM - Israel's new hard-line foreign minister delivered a scathing critique of Mideast peace efforts Wednesday, rejecting the past year of U.S.-led negotiations and telling a room crowded with cringing diplomats that concessions to the Palestinians only invite war.

Avigdor Lieberman's first speech since taking office, along with accusations by the moderate Palestinian president that the new Israeli government opposes peace, signaled tough times ahead for the Obama administration's regional diplomacy.
Good. Obama's regional diplomacy for the Middle East deserves tough times. The two state solution promoted by the Obama Administration and others would do nothing more than allow a hostile state with the avowed intentions of destroying Israel to exist right on Israel's borders. If Israel is to survive, that cannot be allowed.

New hard-line Israeli foreign minister warns concessions to Palestinians will invite war

I have great hopes for this new Israeli government. The government itself must follow the foreign minister's lead and disavow the so-called peace process and make it perfectly clear that "greater Israel" is here to stay. Those lands which Israel won fair and square in the Six Day War in 1967 must remain under Israeli control. The Palestinians need to return to the fold in Jordan, which is their natural homeland. A large percentage of Jordanian citizens already are ethnically Palestinians anyway. So why do we need two Palestinian states? The answer is that we don't.

There are also indications, according to the Jerusalem Post, that the new Israeli government may have little patience with the US Government's Iran policy and may be prepared to take out Iran sooner rather than later. To that I say "God speed" to Bibi Netanyahu and his new government. There is no greater threat to world peace than the prospect that the fanatical maniacs in Iran might soon posses nuclear weapons. The time is now to take out their nuclear facilities, and it looks like Netanyahu is ready to do that.

Israel already showed what is possible when they took out Iraq's nuclear facilities in the 1980's. Israel possesses arguably one of the best fighting forces in the whole world, and Iran would do well to take heed and make it perfectly clear that Iran will go no further with it's nuclear program and will allow international inspections to make sure that their program does not start up again. If they don't do that then Israel needs to act because the wimps who control the US foreign policy these days cannot be expected to help. But thanks to the policies of the Bush Administration, Israel should already have the wherewithal to carry out an attack on Iran itself without any assistance.
posted by John, 10:47 AM


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