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Today is tea party day

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anti-tax protesters turn out for dreaded April 15

Today is the big day.
Protesters began gathering at state Capitols and in neighborhoods and town squares across the country Wednesday to kick off a series of tax-day protests designed to echo the rebellion of the Boston Tea Party. Demonstrators said they're steamed about government spending since President Barack Obama took office.
Patriotic protesters nationwide are gathering to let Barack H. Obama know that we are smarter than he thinks. We are not buying the lie that you have cut taxes. Yes, you have allowed us to get $10 or $15 dollars more in our paychecks, but what you are giving with one hand you are taking away with the other, and then some. It's a time tested liberal trick, but it's not going to work this time.

That so-called stimulus money that Obama is handing out to the states has so many strings attached that in the long run it will actually be costing the states money and it will not really benefit them. It will only benefit the tax and spend liberals in Washington who want to control all of our lives. It will force states to increase taxes just to keep up with the many mandates specified by the bailout bill. It's a fraud, nothing more or less.

But thankfully we have some brave political leaders who are not falling for the sham.

Rick Perry of Texas Asserts 10th Amendment Rights

Governor Perry of Texas has had enough. He isn't going to take the heavy handed tactics of Obama's government anymore. There is a little something called the Tenth Amendment which gives the states the right to run their own affairs. And you know it's funny that a so-called constitutional lawyer like Obama has forgotten that according to our constitution the states are sovereign and any powers not specifically given to the federal government by the constitution are reserved for the states.

Governor Perry wants Texans to govern Texas. What a concept! And it's a concept that Obama had better get a hold of because the people aren't going to take it anymore, illustrated by today's tax day tea party protests.

Just as a lot of we conservatives have suspected, as soon as the liberal Democrats take power in Washington they will start to overplay their hand. Yes, we are in a recession, mostly caused by the Democrats since they took control of Congress in 2006 I might add, but it's not something we can get out of by raising taxes and printing more money, which is Obama's prescription. This strategy is a formula for disaster and will result in no net economic growth and will mean rampant inflation down the road.

Just like what happened when Clinton got in, the Democrats' hold on power won't last long given the present circumstances. Yes, they are riding high in the polls right now, but look for that to turn around when the people begin to see what Obama and company are doing to this country.

Then as usual, it will be left for conservatives to come in and pick up the pieces again. It will be 1994 all over again.
posted by John, 11:22 AM


Couple of respectful questions.

What exactly did the Democratic Congress of 2006-2009 do to cause our economic woes of today? (some examples,please)

If Govenor Perry takes soveriegn control of Texas, how will he protect everybody's rights and fund necessary projects?

If you don't like the printing money standard, which standard do you propose, and why? And why do you believe everybody's tax rate will go up as a result of printing money.

President Obama can neither raise taxes nor print money, by the way; however your point is understood.
What exactly are "Obama and company" doing to our country, and how is he doing it?

Thanks for your response.
As we all know, the economic mess we are in now was started by the housing crisis. And the housing crisis was exacerbated by the fact that the Democrats in Congress had put pressure on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to give out mortgage loans to borrowers in low income communities with bad credit who did not have verifiable income. They were playing to their political base without regard to the best interest of their country. And to make matters worse, when the Bush Administration tried to reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac the Democratic leadership in Congress blocked that reform.


If Texas ever were to become an independent sovereign state, which it won't, it would be up to the people of Texas to decide how best to protect rights and fund projects. Governor Perry was just expressing his frustration over heavy handed mandates coming from Washington, and he wasn't seriously proposing that Texas break away from the union. And if they did get the responsibility to look out for the rights of Texans, I suspect that they would not be inventing so-called rights that are not enumerated in our constitution like liberal judges have been doing.

I didn't say that I don't like the monetary system that we have now and I oppose returning to the gold standard. But that doesn't mean that the Fed should be printing trillions of dollars of paper currency. This is a recipe for disaster down the road, and that policy is supported by Obama. And when we get rampant inflation the government will be forced to raise taxes in order to compensate for tax revenues that aren't worth as much in real dollars due to inflation.

If I could write a book I probably couldn't be able to list all of the things that Obama is doing to harm this country. I could start with the fact that he is making the economy worse, not better, and I could go on to talk about how he is making us less safe by kissing up to extremist Muslims and repealing the war on terror, but again in the interest of space I won't elaborate any more here. After all, I am not a defendant on a witness stand who is compelled to answer your questions and I've already spent too much time with you.

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