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Afghanistan reverts to the stone age

Sunday, April 12, 2009

After spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan, the law discussed in the above video is what the international community has to show for it. Unless the law is changed, husbands will have a right to rape their wives and there will nothing that the wife can do about it. This is another example of what extreme Islam can do. It embraces an evil doctrine and it certainly is not worth it for the West to spend even one red cent defending such things.

I fully support the fight against Al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but nevertheless there is something radically wrong with defending a government that supports such a law. We have got to find a way to continue the fight against the terrorists that are based there while at the same making it perfectly clear to the so-called government in Afghanistan that they have got to move on from the stone age.

After all, President Karzai and his crowd wouldn't last very long if the Taliban were to move back into Kabul. They would undoubtedly be strung up by their thumbs on the nearest tree, if not worse. Given that, we should be able to use this prospect to apply leverage against Karzai to either change such a draconian law or face the consequences.

This situation will present a conundrum for the Obama Administration. Obama was just in Turkey saying how much he respects Islam, then he moved on to Saudi Arabia where he found it necessary to bow down to their king. But at the same time Obama has got to keep up the appearance that he supports the rights of women, or else he might lose their votes in the next election.

So what is he to do? Should he insist to President Karzai that the rights of women be respected and risk offending hard line Muslims, or should he patronize the oppressors of women over there and face the consequences of a domestic political backlash? Or will he try to play both sides of the street by waffling on the issue? If I were to guess, I would predict that he will choose the third alternative. But we shall see.
posted by John, 6:02 PM


No man should be allowed to treat any woman like that. But this matter should be left to Afghanistan. We have too much on our plate right now and this is very sensitive to the Muslim culture.
"But at the same time Obama has got to keep up the appearance that he supports the rights of women, or else he might lose their votes in the next election."

I don't know about that! Clinton was horrible toward women while in Arkansas, continued his sleazy ways in D.C. and people bent over backward to defend the man.

The left sees what the left wants to see..

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