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I am pleased with the American idol outcome

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The clean cut "guy next door" won out over the guy with the eye shadow and painted fingernails. And I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

First of all, let me get one thing straight. This isn't about the sexual orientation of either contestant. After all, plenty of straight glam rockers have been even more outlandish than Adam Lambert ever was or probably ever will be. And I'm sure that there are plenty of gay guys who are just a clean cut as Kris Allen is. It just so happens that guys with painted fingernails and eye shadow are a turn off to me regardless of what their sexual orientation is. That's just the way it is and I make no apologies for having that attitude. I felt that way long before Lambert ever came upon the scene.

Look, I wish Adam Lambert absolutely no ill will, but it came down to him or Kris Allen and I had to vote for someone, and Allen was my choice. And as it turns out he was the choice of millions of other Americans and he won.

Now you might say that Lambert has more talent. Of course that is a subjective judgment, but be that as it may, American Idol voters are allowed to use whatever criteria they choose when casting their votes. As far as I'm concerned, judging contestants based upon their persona is just as legitimate as anything else. And let's face it, I do not presume to be a music critic, but in my opinion they are both very talented singers.

My personal music preference happens to be the type of soft ballads at which Kris excels. I am not too fond of the type of rock music that Adam is good at. So given that fact, whom do you think I should have voted for? It's a cut and dried case to me.

Most of the critics I have read are saying that Adam Lambert is going to have a great career. I hope they're right, and if that happens I say "more power to him." Of course I also wish the best for Kris.

But to call Kris Allen supporters "haters" just because they voted for him and not for Adam as I have seen on some blogs and Internet postings is just wrong. And it's divisive and uncalled for. Like Adam Lambert, Kris Allen worked very hard for this and put his heart and soul into it. I seriously doubt if he would have made it to the finals if he had not. I'm glad I supported him and I'm glad he won. Good luck to both of you, Kris and Adam.
posted by John, 11:47 AM


Great post. Both are great at what they do. It is unfair for those who voted to be judged as "haters," after all they too should be able to vote their choice. However, if Kris turns out to be like Ruben and Taylor whose contracts got dropped because of lower music sales, we all should accept it.

Young girls out there are gay too, but not because you're gay means you have to vote for another gay person if you think they are great, but just don't care for the music.

Very nice post there my friend. I enjoyed reading your point of view. It's unlike mine, but that's what makes America a great country.
commented by Anonymous Tony, May 21, 2009 at 1:40 PM  
I am not gay, but I was rooting for the gay guy. Sounds odd when you put it like that. Doesn't it?
very surprising...


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