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Heading toward a dictatorship

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Newt Gingrich is right. Obama and his cronies are heading this country toward a dictatorship. With the ultra left wing Democrats holding almost unfettered power in Washington, there is really very little which can stop them from moving this country in the dark direction of oppression. Yes, we still have the Supreme Court, but it remains to be seen if the Republican appointees on the court will have the stomach to stand up to Obama. And if they don't this country is in for a big hurt.

With calls to reinstate the so-called fairness doctrine, it may well be that soon, conservative voices on talk radio will be silenced. And then what will we have left to protect us against the excesses of the ideologues in the Democratic Party? Well, the GOP still holds a few state state governorships, and we have Fox News and a handful of conservative leaning newspapers and journals, but that's about it.

Don't expect the mainstream media to stand up to Saint Obama. He has most of them in a total state of rapture. And with little access to the truth about what is really going on, the American people might not wake up to what is happening until it's too late.

The Democrats are preparing to gerrymander congressional districts so that they will have a virtually permanent majority in the House, and the makeup of the Senate changes too slowly due to the fact that only one third of the membership is elected every two years. So we won't be able to look for Congress to provide an effective check on the excesses of Obama and his potential successors for a very long time.

Sadly, I fear that we will not see a repeat of the Gingrich revolution of 1994 when we get to midterm elections in 2010. It's a different situation and such a sea change is not in the cards.

The best that we can hope for is that we might be able to somehow get through to the American people what is really going on in Washington. With Congress probably out of reach for the near future, the only chance that the GOP might have is to try to somehow win back the presidency in 2012.

I am still convinced that this is a center right country. Recent polls have shown that Obama is personally popular with the voters, but his policies are less popular. That gives us hope.

But the GOP has got to get working on 2012 right away. It is going to be a steep hill to climb since the GOP holds no power in Washington. They have got to go directly to the people in an effort to explain what damage Obama is doing. 2012 might be our one and only chance for the next few decades. If we allow Obama to serve two terms, I fear that the Democrats will have had so much time to stack the deck against the GOP that it will be relegated to minority status for the foreseeable future. God help us if that happens.
posted by John, 12:33 PM


Good post, John. I think you might be too much of an alarmist, but you basic "facts on the ground" are certainly correct.

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