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Don Rumsfeld deserves better than this

Sunday, May 17, 2009

This video shows a complete outrage perpetuated by some far left lunatics. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the new face of the Democratic Party. These are the people from the Moveon.org crowd and the Codepink crowd who are busy trying to destroy this country and everything it stands for.

To call a great patriot who has honorably served his country for decades a "war criminal" just goes to show once and for all what kinds of people make up the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party. And without these people, Barack Obama probably wouldn't be president today.

Here we have a man in Mr. Rumsfeld who has served with dedication and honor in Congress, as a presidential chief of staff, and twice as Secretary of Defense. And what thanks does he get for his service? He gets branded a war criminal for trying to keep this country safe after 9/11.

Reasonable people can disagree over our deployment to Iraq and other policies implemented after 9/11. But reasonable people don't go around throwing around the war criminal tag indiscriminately.

Those screaming witches in the video should have been thrown in jail for disturbing the peace. And at the very least someone should have stuck a sock up their mouth.
posted by John, 7:12 AM


That crazy moonbat was the same one that tried to accost Condi Rice in a Senate hearing meeting a couple years ago.

Boy, these freakazoid libs sure do get around.

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