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Illegal aliens

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Maybe we can't forceably deport 18 million illegal aliens (that is a more accurate figure than 11 million figure that some people quote,) but if we remove all benefits and employment opportunities from them and stop them from sending money back to Mexico they will be forced to leave the country of their own accord. Then we need to amend the Constitution to stop the "anchor baby" problem. It's just not right that people enter this country illegally just so they can have a baby here that automatically becomes a citizen. That should not be allowed.

We fought a war with Mexico during the 19th century and won that war. But now there is a second Mexican War going on and they are winning this war one illegal immigrant at a time. If we don't stop this due to their high fertility rate they will eventually take over this country and turn it into another Third World hell hole just like the place they came from.

posted by John, 11:35 AM


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