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Jeb Bush, man of character and loyalty

Friday, August 14, 2015

There has been some discussion on flip flopping and what candidates are doing it. Well, if you want a Republican candidate who has not flipped very much I give you none other than Jeb Bush. He is sticking with several positions that are unpopular with the base and I respect him for that even though I disagree with him on most of those things.

Common Core is an anathema to many in the base yet Jeb has steadfastly stuck with supporting it. He has also refused to back down on his stand on illegal immigration and his support for amnesty although he doesn't call it amnesty. (Most candidates play word games by the way.)

He is standing by his brother's Iraq policy. He has said that knowing what his brother knew at the time it was the right decision. He also supports the enhanced interrogation that some call torture that took place on his brother's watch. He does say that knowing what we know now going in was probably a mistake but then even his brother says that now.

He also defends his father's decision to renege on his no new taxes pledge. He is very loyal to his family.

Overall Jeb has been very consistent. I'm sure you could go back and find some instances where he has changed positions such as when he ran as more of a moderate during the 1998 Florida gubernatorial campaign after he ran as a conservative in 1994 but over all on a scale of one to ten I would put his flip flopping at about two.

I will not be supporting him in the Nevada caucuses. In fact I might change registration and vote for Sanders. But I do believe that Jeb is a man of character and character should count for something.
posted by John, 3:36 PM


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