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Netanyahu defies U.S. on East Jerusalem settlement

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bibi Netanyahu is showing that he is no pushover.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he would not take orders over Israeli settlement in East Jerusalem, rejected on Sunday a U.S. demand to halt plans to build more homes for Jews in the disputed area.
You have got to respect someone in Bibi's shoes who stands up to tremendous pressure and refuses to compromise on core beliefs. He believes that a united Jerusalem must be the capital of Israel, and he is not going to take no for an answer. Barack Obama may well have met his match in Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Even Joe Biden has acknowleged that sovereign Israel has a right to conduct her own affairs. But this of course is not what much of the American left wants to hear. If the left has it's way, Israel will be neutered and Hamas will have free reign in Palestine.

And in the meantime, Obama wants Israel to suspend all construction on settlements in the so-called West Bank, including East Jerusalem. If Bibi were to go along with that he would be capitulating to the foes of Israel who do not want to see a Jewish Sate occupying historical Jewish land in the Middle east. Without the whole of Jerusalem, the dream of an independent Jewish state in the Middle East will be incomplete. Jerusalem has always been the capital of Israel and it always will be.

So I vigorously applaud Bibi for standing up to Obama. The Prime Minister is going to have to continue such a course for at least the next three and one half years since if is becoming increasingly obvious that there is no friend of Israel in the White House. The great tradition of American bipartisan support of Israel started by Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower is being threatened by a man who was raised attending Muslim schools in a Muslim Country.

To be sure, Israel continues to enjoy broad support from the American people. Unfortunately however the people are focused on the economy and health care right now, so I think that Obama might try to pull a fast one and withdraw US support for Israel while nobody is noticing.
We cannot accept the idea that Jews will not have the right to live and buy (homes) anywhere in Jerusalem," Netanyahu said, calling the city Israel's united capital, a claim that is not recognized internationally.

"I can only imagine what would happen if someone would suggest Jews could not live in certain neighborhoods of New York, London, Paris or Rome. There would certainly be a great international outcry," he (Bibi)told reporters at the weekly cabinet meeting. "We cannot accept this edict in Jerusalem."
What a relief is is to find a world leader who actually has the courage of his convictions. Regrettably, we Americans cannot say the same about our current president. This has got to change in 2012.

posted by John, 6:33 PM


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