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My message to the Honduran government - don't let Zelaya return

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The legal Honduran government did not let would be leftist dictator Manuel Zelaya return to Honduras today. That was the correct thing to do. As I have already pointed out, the change in government there was legal and was sanctioned by the country's supreme court. There is no need for Zelaya to return. The government should not bow to pressure from Zelaya's leftist allies such as Chavez and Obama. The people of Honduras need to stand firm for democracy.


Update - Hillary Clinton is going to meet with Zelaya and Zelaya is going to try again to return to Honduras. I wonder how this is all going to end. I hope that the people of Honduras have the fortitude to stand up for the best interest of their country, which would be to at all costs avoid taking their country in the same direction Venezuela has gone.
posted by John, 6:03 PM


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