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RNC video - Stop Obama's takeover of health care system

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

This video echoes some of the concerns that I expressed on this blog last Sunday. It is not true that Republicans do not want health care reform. But what they don't want is another federal government takeover that will inevitably make things worse, not better.

The one major problem with our health care system is runaway costs. Unless these costs are controlled, no type of health care reform is going to do any good. It's all about the high costs, but unfortunately, Obama's and the Democrat's proposals will exacerbate the problem of costs, not make it better. The only tried and true way to bring down costs is to have the government get out of the way and let the marketplace take over. With lower taxes imposed upon them and with less government red tape to deal with, health care providers are more likely to be able to introduce efficiencies which will allow the increase in health care costs to slow. Then stop requiring you and me to subsidize beneficiaries of federal programs such as Medicare that don't reimburse health care providers sufficiently, and we will have made great progress. Another policy which will help to bring down costs will be to stop requiring health care providers to provide free medical care, again subsidized by you and me, to all illegal aliens except in the case of life threatening emergencies.
posted by John, 7:58 AM


I say it's great somebody is finally doing something about health care. We are the greatest country in the world and we can't offer every American health care. I'm laid off because of the past president and banking crisis. I don't have health care at all. Thank God we have somebody that is thinking about the little people for a change. Thank God for Obama.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, June 26, 2009 at 6:57 PM  

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