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Obama's response to the crisis in Iran

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I wasn't going to blog today, but I need to make a brief comment about Obama's response to the crisis in Iran. To put it mildly, he is being way too meek. He needs to come out forcefully and show support for the people of Iran who are trying to rise up against their corrupt government.

This is what I was afraid would happen with Obama's foreign policy. He wants to cozy up to dictators in Cuba and Venezuela, he is wavering in his support for Israel, and now he is missing in action on the Iran crisis.

We used to have a president who stood up for democracy in the world. And thanks to his wise policies, we now have a functioning democracy in Iraq. While many problems remain there, that is quite an accomplishment.

But given the chance to help to advance democracy in Iraq's neighbor Iran, Obama is indecisive and timid. Unfortunately, Obama is looking a lot more like Jimmy Carter and a lot less like Ronald Reagan. If Obama continues in this direction, he might well end up having a failed one term presidency just like Jimmy Carter had.
posted by John, 10:12 PM


You write very intelligently, but wonder where is your logic.
commented by Anonymous Tony, June 18, 2009 at 1:20 AM  
Thank you for your comment Tony. I'm glad that you always take the time to make comments on my blog, especially since few other people do.
commented by Anonymous John, June 18, 2009 at 7:24 PM  
Tony, the logic comes from seeing what Obama has been doing since taking office. How would you grade Obama Tony?

Because I'm obviously seeing things from a different perspective than you. The logic is spot on. The United States, being a beacon of freedom and democracy in the world, many countries look upon the United States to lead. The United States and other freedom loving democracies of the world have a golden opportunity to assist if only with words, the youth of Iran in this truly delicate time.

Have you seen some of the plea's from the youth in Iran? Begging for help? Begging for support and prayers as they try to do what this country has hoped would happen for decades?

Since the mid to late 70's, Iran had a huge baby boom. Why? The goal was to have raised so many soldiers for " Allah" so that no army would be able to defeat Iran. In that Iran would defeat others by sheer number. I digress...

The point of the bloggers logic here, is that we have a light weight chump in office, who tends to down play threats or events, when other administrations have dealt with things a little more seriously or directly. Time after time and test after test, President Obama has failed.

At the very least, wouldn't you agree Tony, that Obama has the duty, as being a leader of this great nation, to take a stand and voice support for the actions of thousands of Iranian youth who want a change from a dead end theocracy? A theocracy filled with fanatical Islamic fascists, hell bent on Israel and the great satan ( United States ) destruction? Or would you say that perhaps Obama's "Muslim roots" are getting in the way of his conscious to take a stand against ANY Muslim country?

Sorry, just this blogger's opinion.
Presidents can only do so much on their own. They have to work along with Congress, therefore all wrongdoings are not and should not be blamed on the president. I would give Obama a B if I had to grade him, but I do not believe we should be able to grade our president. Their job is very complex. There is so much that goes on inside that we don't know about.

America is a "a beacon of freedom and democracy in the world." Or did you mean to say America is a beacon of hatred, greed, dishonesty, and meddling in every other country's business?

It is very sad what is happening in Iran. I think it is good what the youth are doing over there, standing up for their beliefs and having their voices heard. That is how it should be everywhere. This will bring some change over there which is a great thing.

Change will come there. I don't know in which direction, but it will happen and all for the good in the long run. No good comes out of hatred and wars.

The youth of America also has been letting their voices heard which has brought about some changes in America, but we still have a long ways to go, a very long ways to go.

America can't afford to go running getting involved in every internal fight a country has. Look around America and see what that has done for America. At this time more than ever we all need to keep our heads above water.

It is Iran's right to raise as many solders for "Allah" as they desire. Who is America to tell them not to? America should be doing the same thing raising all of the soldiers they can to protect our country instead of kicking out qualified solders because of their sexuality.

Not because Obama's father was a Muslim means he is also. He had all of his teen life to go that way if he wanted to, but he chose Christianity, and if he has some Muslim views that is good for the world.

I read John's blog daily. Is it something the way this man writes very intelligently with his weighty stands? He gets most of his points out with pride and that is accepted and respected.

But I think it is ok for me to look at a different angle to say their is no logic for America to be involved in every other country's personal fight at such a time as now. We are strapped in debt upon debt that Obama had to get into from his point of view. I'm not saying I agree with all of his actions, but we should give him a chance. This mess America is in is above every man's head. No one person has all the right answers. Where do you think we would be if McCain had become president with Sarah Palin as VP? Huh, that hurts just thinking about it.

Robb, I checked out your blog. It is very interesting also. Keep up the good work.

commented by Anonymous Tony, June 20, 2009 at 3:12 PM  

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