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Miranda rights for terrorists captured on the field of battle

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barack Obama is going to give "liberalism" a bad name. Now it's Miranda rights for terrorists captured on the field of battle. What's next, public defenders if they can't afford a lawyer?

This absurdity is only one of the many Obama embarrassments that have flowed from his need to throw bones to the anti-American left in his party. These include the endless panderings to the sensibilities of radical Islamo-fascists and bigoted moderate Muslims (pretending for example that there are two persecuted minorities in the Middle East whereas there is only one minority -- Jews -- and a bigoted oppressive majority -- Muslim Arabs who want to extinguish the Jewish state.
Obama Begins to Implode

David Horowitz has it right. This is about the craziest thing that Obama has done yet. When we capture terrorists on the battlefield, from now on the first thing we have to do is read them their Miranda rights. Come on now, Miranda rights apply to US citizens. These rights were never intended for either foreign detainees or prisoners of war. And what happens if a terrorist demands to have a lawyer? Well, of course, you and I the taxpayer will have to pay for their lawyer. It's insane.

While they are waiting around for a lawyer, we won't be able to interrogate them and gain valuable information that might very well save American and other lives.

Just what has Barack H. Obama been smoking anyway? We will never win the war on terror if we bend over backwards for terrorists like that. But wait, Obama doesn't even call it the "war on terror" anymore. I guess to him it's just a game now. This is just pathetic.

Thank you Dick Cheney for making it perfectly clear that we as a country are less safe under Obama. And I fear that if this nonsense keeps up it can only get worse.

We now have a president who obviously has more regard for the so-called rights of Muslim terrorists than he does for the best interests of the American people.

That in and of itself is an impeachable offense. On January 20th Obama took an oath to protect the American people, and he is blatantly violating that oath. He is going to give captured terrorists Miranda rights, and he is in the process of releasing terrorists from Gitmo, many of whom will return to the battlefield to kill more Americans, as has already happened, or they might be involved in more terrorist attacks against out homeland.

And who knows what crazy scheme Obama might come up with next? There are a lot of important issues facing this country, and I fear the worst. Obama is already doing his best to run up budget deficits so high that our economy will almost certainly totally collapse at some point. And that, plus this nonsense about Miranda rights, if probably only the tip of the iceberg.

This is what the American people accomplished by electing Barack Obama. We are a proud and strong country, and I suspect that we can even survive this. We survived two world wars and a great depression. Now we as a people will be tested again because of the big mistake we made last November.

We have got to start working right away to correct our mistake. It's not a minute too soon to start working for the election of a strong patriot to the presidency in 2012. And in the meantime, we have to got to encourage congressional Republicans to get some backbone and stand up to Obama and fight his misguided policies every step of the way. We are talking about the future of our children and grandchildren. The stakes are too high. Obama has got to be stopped before it's too late.
posted by John, 1:42 PM


What happened to not innocent until proven guilty? If it is the law in America then it should be for all, even from other people who commit crimes in our country or elsewhere. Justice for all. What if the foreigner is not guilty and we charge them unnecessarily? America is still the greatest country in the world and we should set a good example. Maybe if we do they will treat our citizens as humans when captured in their land or caught breaking their country's rules and regulations. We have two journalists in North Korea. I damn well wish they could get to be treated as humans with respect.

An eye for an eye or what comes around goes around. America should set good humanitarian examples to the entire world.
commented by Anonymous Tony, June 13, 2009 at 4:32 PM  

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