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Obama shows his true anti Israel credentials

Friday, June 5, 2009

The real Barack Hussein Obama is emerging now that the election is over and for the time being he seems to be doing well in some polls. Gone are the days when his middle name is off limits. Now he flaunts it.

His speech yesterday was a biased anti Israel diatribe that indicates that the days of friendship between the US and Israeli governments might soon be at an end. To be sure he sugar coated the speech with obligatory language that America remains a friend of Israel and that we will continue to support her, but then he proceeded to totally contradict that sentiment throughout that egregious speech. And the lies and misstatements that he told we telling.
For example, Obama falsely claimed the Palestinian Arabs were ‘displaced’ by Israel in 1948; falsely claimed the Palestinian Arabs have been suffering trying to establish their state for 60 years (they could have had a state in 1937, 1948 or in 2000, but turned down each opportunity). Obama also bizarrely claimed that he longs for the day Jerusalem is secure for Jews, Muslims and Christians even though this has been precisely the case since Israel reunited the city under its control in 1967.

Just as egregious, Obama claimed there are 7 million Muslims in America when major studies show there are between 1.3 and 2.7 million Muslims. He strongly implied that Palestinian suffering was equivalent to Jewish suffering during the Holocaust. He also seemed to equate the Palestinian situation to that of U.S. Blacks during slavery and Blacks during South African apartheid. The assumption, just barely left unsaid, is that Israeli Jews are the oppressors.

The State of Israel has bent over backwards to accommodate the demands of the Palestinian side. They have offered the Palestinians everything but the kitchen sink. Late in his term, Bill Clinton offered them everything they could ever ask for and in the interest of peace, the Israelis went along. But even that wasn't good enough and the Palestinians tuned the whole thing down lock stock and barrel.

Obama is kidding himself if he thinks that any kind of peace that would allow the continued existence of a homogeneous Jewish State of Israel to continue to exist is possible. Some of the Palestinians such as Hamas are open about their desire to destroy Israel, and others such as the current PLO leadership are more coy about it. But mark my words, they all won't rest until all Israelis are driven into the sea whether or not all of them are willing to admit that fact right now. And of course, as I already said, many of them are blatantly open about their desire to destroy Israel.

Mr. B. Hussein Obama is not a stupid man, but he is very cunning. He knows that true peace between Israel and the Arabs that will allow the Jewish State to continue to exist is not possible. Yet he has decided to conduct this charade because he knows that the more concessions that he can get Israel to make now, the weaker Israel will become and the stronger the forces that want to destroy Israel will become in the future.

We American people cannot allow Obama's sinister plot to reach fruition. We must continue our historical support for Israel and make it perfectly clear to Obama that we will not fall for his lies and deceit on this issue.

The American people are going to realize that they inadvertently elected a wolf in sheep's clothing I believe more sooner than later. And if we the people continue our strong grassroots support for Israel it may well be possible to minimize any damage that Obama might be able to do before we can defeat him in 2012 and get another president in power who is a true bona fide supporter of Israel.
posted by John, 7:29 PM


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