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No two state solution

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I agree wholeheartedly with this posting from the FoxNation Forums.
Not only the Palestinians, but also the five or so Arab countries surrounding Israel attacked it a good half-dozen times, and the Arabs LOST EVERY SINGLE WAR. You would think they would get a hint by now; you can't beat Israel. What I could never understand is why the victor (Israel) had to give jack squat to the losers. Logic would dictate that Israel gets to claim all that territory, so that the nation of Israel should really span from the west border of Egypt to the east border of Jordan, from the north of Lebanon to the south of Saudi Arabia.
There should be no so-called two state solution in the Middle East. The Israelis won that land fair and square after they were attacked in 1967 in the Six Day War. Do you think for even one moment that if Egypt had won that war and captured Israeli land that they would have ever given back any land to Israel? Of course they wouldn't. So why should Israel? They have a God given right to all of that land and if the Palestinians don't like it that's just too damn bad.

After all, up until the Sate of Israel was formed there never was such a thing as a Palestinian State. The so-called Palestinians really are Jordanians, and their natural home is in Jordan, not Israel. In fact, even today, an estimated 75 percent of the Jordanian population is Palestinian. If displaced Palestinians want a home, they have one already in Jordan.

The whole idea of a Palestinian State was only cooked up by Arabs opposed to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948. Before that time, nobody heard anything about the Palestinians having their own state, whereas the establishment of Israel on the Jews' Biblical land was talked about for a long time before it happened.

In fact, unlike the Jews who are a recognizable race, there is no such thing as a Palestinian race. The people they call Palestinians actually are Arabs who immigrated to Jordan from southern Arabia long after the Jews had already populated that land. And what's more, Biblical Israel was never called Palestine. That name was invented by the Romans of all people in about the second century A.D.

So there really is no basis for the claim that the so-called Palestinians have upon the land of Israel. It is Israel's land both historically and legally as a result of their victory in the Six Day War.

Israel must not give in to pressure to halt the building of settlements on the West Bank and elsewhere. They have every right to those settlements. Brave settlers have endured vicious attacks against their homes from Palestinian terrorists for many years. If the world wants to make a statement about those settlements, it should be that terrorism must stop and the building of settlements must continue.

And finally, there is one thing I will never forget. That's images on television of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip dancing in the streets after they heard the news of 9/11. If I ever had sympathy for those people, I lost it right then and there. We had just endured the worst attack upon American soil in our history, and there were those evil people celebrating it. And what was the reaction of Israelis to the news? Memorial services in solidarity with America were held across the country. That my friends is the difference.
posted by John, 2:52 PM


I disagree with you heartily my friend. Two wrongs don't make it right. Why all this hatefulness? Why don't you let us all work together for the sake of peace. What is wrong with giving a little to get a little back? This world is too open to all cultures these days and if we don't find some common ground, we will lose it all too soon to what will happen anyways from all the damage we have caused this beautiful planet.

Israel and Palestine should find a way to get along for the future of the younger generation. Stop fighting my people. All it brings is more hurt, damage and getting nowhere.
commented by Anonymous Tony, June 6, 2009 at 4:02 PM  
Thanks for your comment Tony.

You misread what I said. This is not about hate. The Israeli people are a peace loving people. Yet as we know the Jews have themselves been victims of hate and genocide for a long time culminating in the Holocaust. And they continue to be victims of hate today. Witness the fact that Hamas, the most popular political organization among Palestinians, in it's founding charter calls for the utter destruction of the State of Israel.

My comments are about doing what is right for a race, the Jews, who deserve a break after all this time.
commented by Anonymous John, June 6, 2009 at 4:11 PM  

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