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The truth about Hispanics

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Here is a crime report for 2011 from the office of the California Attorney General.


On pages 36 through 38 you can compare Hispanic, White, Black, and other crime statistics. I'll summarize the numbers.

1. Hispanics are guilty of around 32% more violent crimes than whites.

2. Hispanics are guilty of around 50% more homicides than whites.

3. Hispanics are guilty of around 54% more forcible rapes than whites.

4. Hispanics are guilty of around 58% more robberies than whites.

5. Hispanics are guilty of around 57% more kidnappings than whites.

I'll add these additional statistics. Hispanics are the least likely to gain a college education. Hispanics are more likely to desire government services. A recent poll suggested 70% of Hispanics would like to see an increase in government services. Hispanics, in particular Mexicans, come from a country that is notoriously corrupt at all levels of government as well as its police force. Hispanics who are non-English speakers put a great strain on our k-12 education system and force other children to slow their education so as to accommodate these non-English speakers.

I can add several more unflattering statistics, but I already know the response. I'm already labeled as a racist (though it is absolutely false) and uncaring.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2013/07/03/5541340/marcos-breton-immigrants-are-nothing.html#storylink=cpy
posted by John, 3:28 PM


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