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Republicans must stand firm

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

No matter what happens in Congress the federal government does not have to default on its debts on Thursday. There will be sufficient revenue to service the nation's debts and then some. As long as the debts are serviced we will not be in default. Yes there won't be enough money to fund each and every federal boondoggle, but not funding some federal programs is not defaulting as long as the debt is serviced which it can be.

As someone who decries the growing size and reach of the federal government, I don't think that failing to fund certain federal programs is such as bad thing. And it will teach people they they cannot depend the government to be their nanny. I would laugh if the EBT cards really don't work this time rather than a temporary glitch.

So I am urging the House GOP caucus to stand firm. No more so-called compromises with Obama and Reid. The GOP has offered to cave way too much already. They need to understand that Obama has no intention of working with Republicans. It's his way or the highway. Call his bluff. Let Thursday pass without a bill to raise the debt ceiling. It won't be such a bad thing and it will be infinitely better than caving in to the Democrats again. And don't worry about the polls. We should not govern on the basis of polls. Govern on the basis of what's right.
posted by John, 3:27 PM


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