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Obama's politics of fear

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Obama is at it again practicing the politics of fear. He predicted dire consequences if the sequester was allowed to kick in, yet a few months later people have pretty much forgotten about the sequester. It was much ado about nothing. Then we had the big bad so-called government shutdown. Well it happened but the last time I checked the earth was still revolving around the sun and playoff baseball is still on TV. No big deal. And now Obama is trying to scare seniors into believing that if we reach the debt ceiling limit their Social Security checks will stop. But of course that's another one of Obama's lies. The Social Security trust fund is a separate entity that will not be affected by the debt ceiling. Yes some bonds might be called in but the treasury will have enough money to take care of that. Social Security checks will not stop. You can take that to the bank.

Will some government welfare programs be affected? Well let's hope so. A few freeloaders might lose their free Obamaphones.That would be a good thing, but Social Security has nothing to do with this. Folks, don't fall for another one of Obama's lies.
posted by John, 6:04 PM


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