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Sickening selective outrage

Monday, July 15, 2013

Even George Zimmerman's parents are in hiding due to numerous death threats. That's just wrong. Under our system when a jury speaks that's it. There is no justification for making threats of violence against the Zimmerman family. None whatsoever. It's OK to say that you disagree with the verdict. That's a free speech right. But nobody has a right to threaten to perpetrate violence against an innocent family.

And where are all of the people who are palpitating over this so-called "unjust" verdict? Where is their outrage over threats of violence to the Zimmerman family? It seems that their outrage is only a one way street. I suspect that many of them actually support carrying out violence against the family.

Meanwhile in Baltimore a group of black youths chased down and beat up an Hispanic man while shouting "this is for Trayvon." And if those youths are arrested, tried, and acquitted on a technicality, will there be national outrage over that? Of course there won't be. This type of hypocritical selective outrage is sickening.


posted by John, 6:54 PM


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