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John's Blog

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Saving our country

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

When the founding fathers wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights what I think they meant was that a member of any Christian denomination could run for president. But I don't think that the idea that a Muslim could run even crossed their minds. If it had I suspect they would have prohibited it.

I am very disappointed that more of the presidential candidates didn't stand up for Ben Carson. But I do think that Ben stands for a majority of the Republican base. We should not have a Muslim president.

I am concerned about my future grandchildren as well. And one thing I don't want to see is my grandchildren growing up as minorities in their own country. I think we have one last chance to stop that Third World hoard from taking over our country and Donald Trump and/or Ben Carson are that chance. All of other issues are meaningless is we lose our country in the process.
posted by John, 12:18 PM


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