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Since 2004 58 churches have been bombed in Iraq

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Iraq has a centuries old Christian community which lately has been under siege. Fifty-eight bombings of Christian churches in the past five years have placed tremendous stress upon the Iraqi Christian community and have caused a mass exodus of Christians from Iraq.

Seven Iraqi churches bombed in 48 hours.
A church in Mosul became the seventh Iraqi church bombed over the course of just 48 hours.

At least three children were injured in the latest attack, caused by a car bomb that exploded near the church in eastern Mosul, according to CNN.

Around 7 p.m. the night before, a car bomb had exploded near the Virgin Mary Church in east Baghdad as worshippers left Sunday mass, killing at least four – three Christians and one Muslim – and injuring another 32.

Several hours earlier on Sunday, three bombs had exploded around other Baghdad churches that injured eight people.

The latest string of church bombings started midnight Saturday, when two bombs exploded at a church in western Baghdad that damaged the building but did not injure anyone.

In total, seven churches – including six Baghdad-area churches – were bombed within 48 hours.
It's no wonder that more than half of Iraq's Christians have fled their country since the start of the war. The followers of the religion of peace as Obama calls it don't seem to care about what happens to their Christian brothers and sisters. Can you imagine the uproar that would ensue if that many mosques were bombed? And of course there should be outrage, but where is the outrage over the bombings of Iraqi Christian churches?

God help the few Christians left in Iraq after the US completes it's military pullout. Of course I hope and pray that I am wrong about this, but it wouldn't surprise me if there is a blood bath.

What can be done about the plight of Christians in Iraq? I am afraid that not much can be done especially as long as a sympathizer of Islam such as Obama sits on the White House. I am not suggesting that Obama condones violence against Christians in Iraq, but will he try to do something about it, or will he stay silent so that he does not offend his Muslim friends?

We Americans have got to make it clear to Obama that we want Christians in Iraq protected at all costs. Maybe if we turn up the heat on him he will finally do something. After all, he is a sneaky politician, and if he sees a large number of voters angry over the violence against Christians in Iraq perhaps then he will take action.

Edit - To be fair, I just saw this and I thought I had better add it.

Trenches to protect Iraqi Christians

Will they be trenches or mass graves? Only time will tell.
posted by John, 11:53 AM


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