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Another support Glenn Beck website

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I mentioned one support Glenn Beck website already in a previous blog post, Supportglennbeck.com. Now, here is another great website supporting Glenn, Defendglenn.com. This site has a very good synopsis of Glenn's victory over Van Jones. The site goes into great detail about some of the outrageous things that Jones has said and done. Plus there is much more on the site about what we the American people can do to support one of our heroes, Glenn Beck.

We won this battle but the war goes on. Now that we have shown our strength and determination by showing Jones the door, we can't drop the ball now. We need to expose the many more far left radicals who now call the Obama Administration home. Thank you Glenn Beck for putting up the good fight.

As usual, the draconian tactics of the forces who would silence Glenn beck and other Americans like him have backfired. Glenn's program is more popular than ever. All of the publicity over Glenn's successes against Van Jones will translate into even more ratings for Glenn. Just wait and see how he does during this coming week. He is already beating his competition two to one. Look for that to be closer to three to one in the coming days.

As I have said before, Glenn's ratings are really driving the left bonkers. If they are so good and if their message is so succinct, why do their champions on MSNBC get such low ratings? It must be obvious to all by now that the reason is that the American people don't buy all of that left wing clap trap that you get constantly on MSNBC. I think that eventually the execs at GE will catch on and get rid of the left wing firebrands on MSNBC and bring some common sense back to that network. Otherwise, the ratings at MSNBC will continue to go down while at the same time Fox News Channel thrives.

The American people have finally got it. Obama and his cohorts are on a steep downward slide, but we have to keep up the pressure. The people spoke loud and clear at those townhall meetings. Now that Congress is going back into session, we need to keep alive the momentum from the townhall meetings with emails and letters to members of Congress letting them know that we oppose a government takeover of health care and that we won't stand for political appointees like Van Jones poisoning the political discourse in this country.
posted by John, 7:24 PM


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