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The real Ted Kennedy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I can't watch any of the cable news networks today because of their non stop coverage of Ted Kennedy, as if he were some kind of god or something, when actually, the truth is that this man did a lot to harm this country, not to mention the fact that because he was a Kennedy he got away with murdering Mary Jo Kopechne. Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.

This was a man who made a name for himself by taking money from those who work and earn money and giving it to those who don't. Yet I wonder if he will be leaving any money to the little guy in his will. I doubt it. He was good at taking money from hard working Americans, but he made damn sure that he could keep his millions which of course originally came from his Nazi sympathizer father's illegal bootlegging during prohibition.

Kennedy does not deserve the breathless non stop coverage that the networks are giving him. He had the personal character of a turnip. He was well known for drinking binges and during such events he often turned mean and vindictive. One such infamous case was the "waitress sandwich" affair where he and his drinking buddy Chris Dodd made total fools of themselves. They made improper sexual advances toward a waitress and then paid her off to buy her silence on the matter. You see, if you are a Kennedy, you can get away with things like that. Remember when his nephew Steven Smith got away with premeditated rape? You or I would would have been fried for the same thing.

Ted Kennedy was a drunk and a coward and his political leanings were not in the best interest of this country. So I think it's fitting that the Democrats name their government health care takeover after him. A boondoggle like that is typical of the type of harm to this country which was often inflicted upon us by that so-called "liberal lion" of the Senate.

If you can name one good thing that Kennedy did while he was in office please let me know because I can't think of one. He rode sympathy over the untimely deaths of his brothers for all he could get. Based upon his Kennedy name, he was elected to the Senate at age thirty even though he had no visible qualifications for the job other than that he was a Kennedy. Then he tenaciously held on to the seat until his death, wreaking destruction all the while.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with expressing condolences to the Kennedy family. After all, the patriarch of their family has died, and it's a well established tradition to respect the dead. So I respect his death while at the same time I recognize what a terrible person he really was, both in his personal life and with the terrible things that he did to this country.

Ted Kennedy Dead; Camelot Closed
posted by John, 10:34 AM


I can't think of anything good that Teddy ever did. I do feel that Senator Byrds suggesting the unwanted health care bill be passed as a tribute to a dead man was pretty low. I was not surprised to learn he had done that. I've taken it upon myself to rename the health care legislation for the control freaks, it will now be known as the Edward M. Kennedy Memorial Health-Care-Control Act Of 2009

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

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