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Friday, August 14, 2009

As a followup to yesterday's article about Glenn Beck, I wanted to mention that there has been a website set up to support Glenn Beck, Supportglennbeck.com. The site provides a link to a support Glenn Beck online petition which will allow Beck supporters to express their displeasure to the handful of advertisers who have canceled their ads on Glenn's show in response to pressure from the left.

As I already pointed out, the fact that these few advertisers no longer appear on Glenn's show has created no financial hardship for Fox News Channel because those ads were merely shifted to other Fox News programs, while other advertisers filled the slots for Glenn's show. (Link)

In fact, Glenn's show remains a gold mine for Fox News, partly because his huge ratings provide a very good lead in for other Fox News programs since many viewers stick around for other Fox News shows after they tune in to see Glenn.

But nevertheless there is a certain amount of negative symbolism involved when a sponsor drops it's spots on Glenn's show, and that's why we supporters of Glenn need to make it perfectly clear to these few advertisers that we will no longer patronized them until and if they return their spots to Glenn's show.

This tactic will work. Remember that there are more of "us" than there are of "them." A storm of righteous anger directed at these advertisers will hit then where it hurts most in their pocket books, and after all, these are profit making companies. So I urge everyone to go to Supportglennbeck.com and take an active role in supporting Glenn and his good work.

It's a typical tactic of the left to try to silence dissent. We can't let them get away with it this time. Glenn Beck is telling the truth about the fraud that is Obama's health care reform, and his voice must continue to be heard.

There is a similar campaign being waged by the left to try to silence CNN on air host Lou Dobbs. We have also seen similar tactics used against Rush Limbaugh. Of course, the left will fail and these voices of reason will not be silenced. It must really stick in their craw to see Fox News and Limbaugh and other conservative hosts pulling astronomical ratings beating all of their competition.

In this day and age that sees the liberals in total control of Washington, it's only through conservative media that we the American people have the wherewithal to fight back and try to save our country. So again I urge you to do what you can to support Glenn beck and other conservative voices.
posted by John, 10:55 AM


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